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Common Wood Pigeon

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Photo by Richard FordHampshire, UK, February 2004
Photo by Richard Ford
Hampshire, UK, February 2004
Columba palumbus


[edit] Identification


  • Grey body
  • Pink breast
  • Green, white and purple neck patch
  • White wing patch
  • Black tipped tail
  • Bright yellow iris
  • Pink legs and bill

Juvenile: browner, duller, no neck patch.

Photo by IanFCowpen Bewley Woodland Park, Billingham, Cleveland, May 2009
Photo by IanF
Cowpen Bewley Woodland Park, Billingham, Cleveland, May 2009

[edit] Distribution

Europe, North Africa and Asia

[edit] Taxonomy

[edit] Subspecies[1]

There are 5 subspecies:

  • C. p. azorica:
  • C. p. maderensis:
  • Formerly mountains of Madeira. Probably extinct
  • C. p. excelsa:
  • C. p. palumbus:
ImmaturePhoto by tom dunlopSaltwell Park, Gateshead, Durham, May 2014
Photo by tom dunlop
Saltwell Park, Gateshead, Durham, May 2014
  • C. p. iranica:
  • Southern Transcaspia to Iran
  • C. p. casiotis:

[edit] Habitat

Parks, gardens, woods, and farmland.

[edit] Behaviour

[edit] Diet

The diet includes grain, crops and seeds.

[edit] Breeding

Both sexes build the platform nest from twigs in a bush or shrub, particularly in evergreens. The 2 white, glossy eggs are incubated by both sexes for 17 days; the young fledge 29-35 days later. There can be up to 3 clutches. Breeding can start as early as March and continue until November.

[edit] Vocalisation

Call: ru-hoo ru ru-hoo.

Listen in an external program

[edit] References

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