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Blunt-winged WarblerBluntschli's Vanga
Blyth's FrogmouthBlyth's Hawk-Eagle
Blyth's Hornbill
Blyth's Kingfisher
Blyth's Leaf Warbler
Blyth's PipitBlyth's Reed Warbler
Blyth's RosefinchBlyth's Shrike-Babbler
Blyth's Swift
Blyth's Tragopan
Boat-billed FlycatcherBoat-billed Heron
Boat-billed Tody-TyrantBoat-tailed Grackle
Bob-tailed Weaver
Bobiri Butterfly SanctuaryBobolink
Bocage's Akalat
Bocage's Sunbird
Bocage's Weaver
Bodega BayBodmin Moor
Boehm's Bee-eater
Bogota RailBogota SunangelBohemian Waxwing
Bohol Sunbird
Bold-striped Tit-Babbler
Bolivar Peninsula
Bolivian BlackbirdBolivian Brush Finch
Bolivian Earthcreeper
Bolivian Recurvebill
Bolivian Slaty AntshrikeBolivian SpinetailBolivian Tapaculo
Bolivian TyrannuletBolivian Warbling Finch
Bolle's Pigeon
Bolsa Chica Ecological Reserve
Bombay Hook National Wildlife Refuge
Bonaparte's GullBonaparte's NightjarBonaparte's Parakeet
Bonaventure Island and Percé RockBonelli's EagleBonelli's Warbler
Bonin Grosbeak
Bonin PetrelBonin Thrush
Bonin White-eyeBonin Wood Pigeon
Booted EagleBooted Racket-tail
Booted WarblerBoquer Valley (Vall de Bocquer)
Boquilobo Marsh
Boran CisticolaBorckaBoreal Chickadee
Boreal OwlBorgefjell National Park
Bornean Banded PittaBornean Barbet
Bornean Blue FlycatcherBornean BristleheadBornean Bulbul
Bornean Green Magpie
Bornean Ground CuckooBornean Leafbird
Bornean Peacock-Pheasant
Bornean SpiderhunterBornean Stubtail
Bornean TreepieBornean Whistler
Bornean Whistling ThrushBornean Wren-Babbler
Bospolder - Ekers Moeras(Antwerp)Bosque de Tlalpan
Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge
Botha's LarkBothal
Botteri's Sparrow
Boucard's Wren
Bougainville CrowBougainville HoneyeaterBougainville Hooded Whistler
Bougainville MonarchBougainville Thicketbird
Bough Beech Reservoir
Boulder ChatBoulders Beach
Boundary bay dike
Bounty ShagBourke's Parrot
Bower's Shrike-thrush
Boyce Thompson ArboretumBoyd's Shearwater
Boyer's CuckooshrikeBrace's Emerald
Braddock Bay Bird Observatory
Bradfield's HornbillBradfield's Swift
Brahminy Kite
Brahminy StarlingBrain-fever Bird
BramblingBran-colored Flycatcher
Brandon MarshBrandt's Cormorant
Brandt's Mountain FinchBrant Goose
Brasilia TapaculoBrass's FriarbirdBrassy-breasted Tanager
Braun's BushshrikeBraunwald
Brazilian Merganser
Brazilian RubyBrazilian TanagerBrazilian Teal
Brazilian Tinamou
Brazoria National Wildlife RefugeBrazos Bend State Park
Brazza's MartinBreckland
Brehm's Tiger ParrotBreidafjordur and the Snaefellsnes Peninsula
Brewer's Blackbird
Brewer's Sparrow
Bridled HoneyeaterBridled Quail-Dove
Bridled SparrowBridled TernBridled Titmouse
Bridled White-eye
Bright-rumped Attila
Bright-rumped Yellow FinchBrimstone Canary
Bristle-crowned StarlingBristle-nosed BarbetBristle-thighed Curlew
Bristled Grassbird
British Butterflies - An Identification GuideBritish Isles
British Virgin IslandsBroad-billed Fairywren
Broad-billed FlycatcherBroad-billed Hummingbird
Broad-billed MotmotBroad-billed PrionBroad-billed Roller
Broad-billed SandpiperBroad-billed Tody
Broad-billed WarblerBroad-ringed White-eye
Broad-tailed GrassbirdBroad-tailed Hummingbird
Broad-tailed Paradise WhydahBroad-tipped HermitBroad-winged Hawk
Brockholes QuarryBrolga
Bronze-green Euphonia
Bronze-naped PigeonBronze-olive Pygmy Tyrant
Bronze-tailed CometBronze-tailed Glossy Starling
Bronze-tailed Peacock-PheasantBronze-tailed Plumeleteer
Bronze-tailed Thornbill
Bronze-winged CourserBronze-winged Jacana
Bronze-winged Parrot
Bronze Ground DoveBronze Mannikin
Bronze ParotiaBronze Shag
Bronzed CowbirdBronzed Drongo
Bronzy Hermit
Bronzy IncaBronzy JacamarBronzy Sunbird
Brooks's Leaf WarblerBroome
Brown-and-yellow Marshbird
Brown-backed AntwrenBrown-backed Chat-Tyrant
Brown-backed Dove
Brown-backed FlowerpeckerBrown-backed Honeyeater
Brown-backed Mockingbird
Brown-backed Needletail
Brown-backed Parrotlet
Brown-backed Scrub RobinBrown-backed Solitaire
Brown-backed WhistlerBrown-backed WoodpeckerBrown-banded Antpitta
Brown-banded PuffbirdBrown-banded RailBrown-bellied Antwren
Brown-bellied SwallowBrown-billed Scythebill
Brown-breasted Barbet
Brown-breasted BulbulBrown-breasted Flycatcher
Brown-breasted Gerygone
Brown-breasted Parakeet
Brown-breasted Pygmy Tyrant
Brown-capped Babbler
Brown-capped FantailBrown-capped Laughingthrush
Brown-capped Redstart
Brown-capped Rosy FinchBrown-capped Tit-Spinetail
Brown-capped TyrannuletBrown-capped VireoBrown-capped Weaver
Brown-capped WoodpeckerBrown-cheeked Fulvetta
Brown-cheeked HornbillBrown-cheeked LaughingthrushBrown-cheeked Rail
Brown-chested AletheBrown-chested Barbet
Brown-chested Jungle FlycatcherBrown-chested LapwingBrown-chested Martin
Brown-collared Brush Turkey
Brown-crested FlycatcherBrown-crowned Eremomela
Brown-crowned TchagraBrown-eared Bulbul
Brown-eared WoodpeckerBrown-flanked Tanager
Brown-fronted WoodpeckerBrown-headed Apalis
Brown-headed BarbetBrown-headed CowbirdBrown-headed Crow
Brown-headed GreenletBrown-headed Gull
Brown-headed HoneyeaterBrown-headed Nuthatch
Brown-headed Paradise KingfisherBrown-headed Parrot
Brown-headed Thrush
Brown-hooded Gull
Brown-hooded KingfisherBrown-hooded Parrot
Brown-necked ParrotBrown-necked RavenBrown-rumped Bunting
Brown-rumped Foliage-gleanerBrown-rumped Seedeater
Brown-rumped TapaculoBrown-streaked Flycatcher
Brown-tailed RockchatBrown-throated Barbet
Brown-throated Parakeet
Brown-throated TreecreeperBrown-throated Wattle-eye
Brown-winged KingfisherBrown-winged Parrotbill
Brown-winged SchiffornisBrown-winged Starling
Brown Accentor
Brown BabblerBrown Barbet
Brown Booby
Brown Bullfinch
Brown Bush Warbler
Brown Cacholote
Brown CrakeBrown Creeper
Brown Cuckoo-Dove
Brown DipperBrown Eared Pheasant
Brown Emu-tailBrown Falcon
Brown FantailBrown Firefinch
Brown Fish OwlBrown Fulvetta
Brown GerygoneBrown Goshawk
Brown Hawk-Owl
Brown HoneyeaterBrown Hornbill
Brown IlladopsisBrown IncaBrown Jacamar
Brown JayBrown Kiwi
Brown LoryBrown MesiteBrown Nightjar
Brown NoddyBrown NunletBrown Oriole
Brown ParisomaBrown Parrotbill
Brown PelicanBrown Prinia
Brown Quail
Brown Rockchat
Brown Scrub RobinBrown Shrike
Brown Sicklebill
Brown SkuaBrown Snake Eagle
Brown Songlark
Brown TanagerBrown Teal
Brown ThornbillBrown Thrasher
Brown TinamouBrown Tit-Babbler
Brown TowheeBrown TreecreeperBrown Trembler
Brown TwinspotBrown Violetear
Brown Wood Owl
Brown Wood Rail
Brown Woodland Warbler
Brownish-flanked Bush WarblerBrownish-headed AntbirdBrownish Elaenia
Brownish Twistwing
Brownsea IslandBrubru
Bruce's Green Pigeon
Bruce PeninsulaBruijn's Brush Turkey
Brush Bronzewing
Brush Cuckoo
Brushland TinamouBryan's Shearwater
Bubbling Cisticola
Buckley's Forest Falcon
Buda and Pilis Hills and Danube Bend
Budderoo National ParkBudgerigar
Buff-banded GrassbirdBuff-banded Rail
Buff-banded TyrannuletBuff-barred Warbler
Buff-bellied HermitBuff-bellied Hummingbird
Buff-bellied MonarchBuff-bellied Pipit
Buff-bellied Puffbird
Buff-bellied TanagerBuff-bellied Warbler
Buff-breasted Babbler
Buff-breasted ButtonquailBuff-breasted EarthcreeperBuff-breasted Flycatcher
Buff-breasted Mountain TanagerBuff-breasted Paradise Kingfisher
Buff-breasted Sabrewing
Buff-breasted SandpiperBuff-breasted Tody-Tyrant
Buff-breasted Wren
Buff-bridled Inca FinchBuff-browed ChachalacaBuff-browed Foliage-gleaner
Buff-cheeked Greenlet
Buff-cheeked Tody-FlycatcherBuff-chested BabblerBuff-collared Nightjar
Buff-crested BustardBuff-faced Pygmy ParrotBuff-faced Scrubwren
Buff-fronted Foliage-gleanerBuff-fronted Owl
Buff-fronted Quail-DoveBuff-headed Coucal
Buff-necked IbisBuff-necked WoodpeckerBuff-rumped Thornbill
Buff-rumped WarblerBuff-rumped Woodpecker
Buff-sided RobinBuff-spotted FlamebackBuff-spotted Flufftail
Buff-spotted WoodpeckerBuff-streaked Chat
Buff-tailed CoronetBuff-tailed Sicklebill
Buff-thighed PufflegBuff-throated ApalisBuff-throated Foliage-gleaner
Buff-throated PurpletuftBuff-throated Saltator
Buff-throated SunbirdBuff-throated Tody-Tyrant
Buff-throated Warbler
Buff-throated Warbling Finch
Buff-throated WoodcreeperBuff-vented BulbulBuff-winged Cinclodes
Buff-winged Starfrontlet
Buffy-crowned Wood Partridge
Buffy-fronted SeedeaterBuffy Fish Owl

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