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  1. Peregrine Falcon β€Ž(36 revisions)
  2. Tambopata Reserve β€Ž(36 revisions)
  3. Lagunas de AlcΓ‘zar β€Ž(36 revisions)
  4. Caspian Tern β€Ž(35 revisions)
  5. Yellowstone National Park β€Ž(35 revisions)
  6. Great Kiskadee β€Ž(35 revisions)
  7. Little Egret β€Ž(35 revisions)
  8. Powerline Road (Big Island, Hawai'i) β€Ž(35 revisions)
  9. Zurich β€Ž(35 revisions)
  10. Merlin β€Ž(35 revisions)
  11. Piper's Hill Woods and Dodderhill Common β€Ž(35 revisions)
  12. Masked Booby β€Ž(35 revisions)
  13. Forty-spotted Pardalote β€Ž(34 revisions)
  14. Red-tailed Hawk β€Ž(34 revisions)
  15. Taman Negara National Park β€Ž(34 revisions)
  16. Druridge Bay β€Ž(34 revisions)
  17. Golden-cheeked Warbler β€Ž(34 revisions)
  18. Arctic Tern β€Ž(34 revisions)
  19. Southern Double-collared Sunbird β€Ž(33 revisions)
  20. Northern Harrier β€Ž(33 revisions)
  21. Caerlaverock Wetland Centre β€Ž(33 revisions)
  22. Squaw Creek National Wildlife Refuge β€Ž(33 revisions)
  23. Poas Volcano National Park & Poasito β€Ž(33 revisions)
  24. Pahranagat National Wildlife Refuge β€Ž(33 revisions)
  25. Common Buzzard β€Ž(33 revisions)
  26. Black-crowned Pitta β€Ž(33 revisions)
  27. Fairburn Ings β€Ž(33 revisions)
  28. Singapore β€Ž(33 revisions)
  29. Caura Antbird β€Ž(33 revisions)
  30. Ria Formosa β€Ž(33 revisions)
  31. Marbury Country Park β€Ž(33 revisions)
  32. Arctic Warbler β€Ž(33 revisions)
  33. Vedanthangal β€Ž(33 revisions)
  34. Switzerland β€Ž(32 revisions)
  35. Western Grebe β€Ž(32 revisions)
  36. Great Blue Heron β€Ž(32 revisions)
  37. Breckland β€Ž(32 revisions)
  38. Eurasian Pygmy Owl β€Ž(32 revisions)
  39. Glossy Black Cockatoo β€Ž(32 revisions)
  40. White-winged Crossbill β€Ž(32 revisions)
  41. Patuxent National Wildlife Research Refuge β€Ž(32 revisions)
  42. Channel-billed Toucan β€Ž(32 revisions)
  43. Dictionary P-S β€Ž(32 revisions)
  44. Tirimbina Rainforest Center β€Ž(32 revisions)
  45. Tevere Farfa Reserve β€Ž(32 revisions)
  46. Black-crowned Night Heron β€Ž(31 revisions)
  47. American Robin β€Ž(31 revisions)
  48. Tikal β€Ž(31 revisions)
  49. Eurasian Wryneck β€Ž(31 revisions)
  50. Emerald Creek β€Ž(31 revisions)
  51. San Bernard National Wildlife Refuge β€Ž(31 revisions)
  52. Costanera Sur Ecological Reserve β€Ž(31 revisions)
  53. New Forest β€Ž(31 revisions)
  54. Bempton Cliffs β€Ž(31 revisions)
  55. Whimbrel β€Ž(31 revisions)
  56. Slender-billed Cuckoo-Dove β€Ž(31 revisions)
  57. Galapagos Islands β€Ž(31 revisions)
  58. Black-rumped Flameback β€Ž(31 revisions)
  59. Bean Goose β€Ž(31 revisions)
  60. Black-faced Friarbird β€Ž(31 revisions)
  61. Cuban Vireo β€Ž(31 revisions)
  62. Little Shearwater β€Ž(31 revisions)
  63. Aberlady Bay β€Ž(30 revisions)
  64. Green-breasted Mountain-gem β€Ž(30 revisions)
  65. Flamborough Head β€Ž(30 revisions)
  66. Eurasian Collared Dove β€Ž(30 revisions)
  67. Yellow-bellied Sapsucker β€Ž(30 revisions)
  68. Seaford Head β€Ž(30 revisions)
  69. Northern Wheatear β€Ž(30 revisions)
  70. Anhinga β€Ž(30 revisions)
  71. Oxwich Bay β€Ž(30 revisions)
  72. Eurasian Magpie β€Ž(30 revisions)
  73. Lauwersmeer β€Ž(30 revisions)
  74. Carrion Crow β€Ž(30 revisions)
  75. Whitewater Draw β€Ž(30 revisions)
  76. Purple Swamphen β€Ž(30 revisions)
  77. Red-bellied Pitta β€Ž(30 revisions)
  78. Beachy Head β€Ž(30 revisions)
  79. Agia Reservoir (Crete) β€Ž(30 revisions)
  80. Black Scoter β€Ž(30 revisions)
  81. Black Tern β€Ž(30 revisions)
  82. Asian Paradise-Flycatcher β€Ž(30 revisions)
  83. Blue Jay β€Ž(30 revisions)
  84. Brazoria National Wildlife Refuge β€Ž(30 revisions)
  85. Black-capped Kingfisher β€Ž(30 revisions)
  86. Kakadu National Park β€Ž(29 revisions)
  87. European Robin β€Ž(29 revisions)
  88. Vermilion Flycatcher β€Ž(29 revisions)
  89. Brandon Marsh β€Ž(29 revisions)
  90. Eccup Reservoir β€Ž(29 revisions)
  91. Eurasian Thick-knee β€Ž(29 revisions)
  92. Tilden Regional Park β€Ž(29 revisions)
  93. Dark-throated Thrush β€Ž(29 revisions)
  94. Eurasian Blackbird β€Ž(29 revisions)
  95. Mere Sands Wood β€Ž(29 revisions)
  96. Hooded Merganser β€Ž(29 revisions)
  97. Llanelli β€Ž(29 revisions)
  98. Haweswater β€Ž(29 revisions)
  99. Sandwich Tern β€Ž(29 revisions)
  100. Social Flycatcher β€Ž(29 revisions)

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