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<div style="{{psubheader}}">Statistics</div> <div style="{{psubheader}}">Statistics</div>
-In the Opus there are '''10,202''' bird species listed, of which '''7,313''' currently have an image taken or produced by our members.+In the Opus there are '''10,202''' bird species listed, of which '''7,315''' currently have an image taken or produced by our members.
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Birds & Bird Song

Welcome to the bird encyclopedia section of Opus. To find a bird you are looking for, you can search using the search box to the above, or left, of this page, or you can jump to the first letter in the index using the 'Quick Jump A-Z' above.

You can also browse by taxonomy.

Bird Song

Bird songs are included on the birds that have them, alternatively you can click here to see and listen to the current list.


In the Opus there are 10,202 bird species listed, of which 7,315 currently have an image taken or produced by our members.

Class Aves viewedit
Struthioniformes Ostriches
Rheiformes Rheas
Tinamiformes Tinamous
Casuariiformes Cassowaries and Emu
Apterygiformes Kiwis
Anseriformes Ducks, geese and allies
Galliformes Fowl and allies
Gaviiformes Loons / divers
Podicipediformes Grebes
Phoenicopteriformes Flamingos
Sphenisciformes Penguins
Procellariiformes Petrels, shearwaters and allies
Phaethontiformes Tropicbirds
Ciconiiformes Storks
Suliformes Boobys, Frigatebirds and Coromorants
Pelecaniformes Pelicans, Herons and Ibises
Accipitriformes Buzzards, Eagles, Kites, Hawks, Vultures
Otidiformes Bustards
Mesitornithiformes Mesites
Eurypygiformes Kagu and Sunbittern
Gruiformes Cranes, rails and allies
Charadriiformes Shorebirds, gulls and allies
Pterocliformes Sandgrouse
Columbiformes Pigeons and allies
Opisthocomiformes Hoatzin
Cuculiformes Cuckoos and allies
Strigiformes Owls
Caprimulgiformes Nightjars, frogmouths, swifts and hummingbirds
Coliiformes Mousebirds
Leptosomiformes Cuckoo-Roller
Trogoniformes Trogons and allies
Bucerotiformes Hornbills, hoopoe and woodhoopoes
Coraciiformes Kingfishers, rollers and allies
Galbuliformes Jacamars and allies
Piciformes Woodpeckers and allies
Cariamiformes Seriemas
Falconiformes Falcons and Caracaras
Psittaciformes Parrots and allies
Passeriformes Passerines / perching birds (5,000+ species)


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