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Versicolored Barbet

From Opus

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{{incomplete}} {{incomplete}}
 +[[Image:Versicolored_Barbet.jpg|thumb|550px|right|Photo by {{user|faswimmer|faswimmer}}<br />[[Peru]], September 2004]]
;[[:Category:Eubucco|Eubucco]] versicolor ;[[:Category:Eubucco|Eubucco]] versicolor
-[[Image:Versicolored_Barbet.jpg|thumb|550px|right|Photo by faswimmer<br />Photo taken: Peru.]] 
==Identification== ==Identification==
==Distribution== ==Distribution==
-[[Bolivia]] and [[Peru]]. +[[South America]]: found in [[Peru]] and [[Bolivia]].
- +
==Taxonomy== ==Taxonomy==
 +There are 3 subspecies<sup>[[#References|[1]]]</sup>:
 +*''E. v. steerii'':
 +:*Andes of northern [[Peru]] (Amazonas to northern HuĆ”nuco)
 +*''E. v. glaucogularis'':
 +:*Andes of central Peru (eastern HuĆ”nuco to northern Cusco)
 +*''E. v. versicolor'':
 +:*Andes of southern Peru (Cusco and Puno) to north-central [[Bolivia]] (Cochabamba)
==Habitat== ==Habitat==
Moist montanes. Moist montanes.
==Behaviour== ==Behaviour==
==External Links== ==External Links==
{{GSearch|Eubucco+versicolor}} {{GSearch|Eubucco+versicolor}}

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Photo by faswimmerPeru, September 2004
Photo by faswimmer
Peru, September 2004
Eubucco versicolor


[edit] Identification

[edit] Distribution

South America: found in Peru and Bolivia.

[edit] Taxonomy

[edit] Subspecies

There are 3 subspecies[1]:

  • E. v. steerii:
  • Andes of northern Peru (Amazonas to northern HuĆ”nuco)
  • E. v. glaucogularis:
  • Andes of central Peru (eastern HuĆ”nuco to northern Cusco)
  • E. v. versicolor:
  • Andes of southern Peru (Cusco and Puno) to north-central Bolivia (Cochabamba)

[edit] Habitat

Moist montanes.

[edit] Behaviour

[edit] References

  1. Clements, JF. 2009. The Clements Checklist of Birds of the World. 6th ed., with updates to December 2009. Ithaca: Cornell Univ. Press. ISBN 978-0801445019.
  2. Avibase

[edit] External Links


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