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happylimpet Thursday 3rd May 2012 00:58

Tyrant flycatcher, Nosara, Costa Rica
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Here's 6 shots of the same bird.

These are total buggers. I think brown-crested or nuttings - it seems to have a darker cap but the white wing bars seem to preclude dark-capped. I think they're the only 3 possibilities based on range.

I have several others too if you enjoy this....

Birdingcraft Thursday 3rd May 2012 04:41

Yes, it is either a Brown-crested or Nuttings but without seeing the color of the inside of the mouth, hearing it call, or watching the bird in action, I couldnt say for sure. Yes, those are tough ones for sure and after watching lots of both in Costa Rica, I am sure that many are incorrectly identified.

happylimpet Thursday 3rd May 2012 08:40

goodness me i had no idea the inside of the mouth was an ID feature! I'll see if i've any shots which show this. whats the key here then?

is there any other info about behaviour i could shed light on? what sort of thing would you be looking for?


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