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PHA Thursday 22nd October 2015 11:50

MeoSport 8x25

Have any of you tried this pocket Meopta binocular. I saw one, briefly, in Europe last June. I didn't know, then, it existed. For around E 125, and their optics, seemed a bargain to me.
If any of you tried this pocket binocular how do you compare with other 8x25 binoculars?

Thank you!


SPOTTED FLYCATCHER Saturday 14th November 2015 17:42


Its ok, but Chinese made as far as i know, we stocked it for a short while but became suspicous as there was a lot of sample variation, i'm sure we saw others doing the same model under a different brand.


PHA Monday 16th November 2015 13:20

Hello S.F.

Thank you. Are you sure the MeoSport is made in China? The one I saw have a Made in Czech Republic...

SPOTTED FLYCATCHER Tuesday 17th November 2015 14:45


Pretty sure, our stock had no 'Made in' on them at all and we couldn't get a direct answer from our supplier.


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