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Oruga Wednesday 12th April 2017 19:24

Birds in watercolour
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I had been drawing animals in CG (computer graphics) for some time, but finally decided to ditch pixels and move onto traditional materials. I always preferred real drawings and paintings, yet hesitated to make them myself due to higher degree of difficulty.
Some of the first results of my journey into new territories.

KC Foggin Wednesday 12th April 2017 19:27

Well it looks to be a mighty fine journey you've taken. These are all such beautiful pieces of artwork Oruga!

Oruga Thursday 13th April 2017 09:21

KC Foggin, thank you. The road is long, but I'm determined to stick to it.

lazydays Friday 14th April 2017 00:55

What a great talent you have. Truly inspiring and a great motivation for me to improve my humble sketches

Oruga Saturday 15th April 2017 09:30

Lazydays, thank you for the complement! I was drawing with pencil for many years, so I have some grip on anatomy, but watercolours (and watercolour paper) provide a completely new challenge. I throw out into the garbage can quite a lot of works. It's frustrating, but I tell myself that it is natural way of learning.

Oruga Saturday 15th April 2017 09:36

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After drawing single birds for a month I finally tried a group image. I chose snow bunting as a model, because I used to live behind the Polar circle and am especially partial to them.

Mackem George Saturday 15th April 2017 11:07

You not only have a talent for pencil work it appears you have already conquered the watercolour aspect.
Some really excellent work there,keep going.

Nigel Davies Saturday 15th April 2017 15:59

Lovely work Oruga, you have a real feel for your subject.

Oruga Saturday 15th April 2017 20:45

George, Nigel, thank you for the positive feedback, it inspires to not dwell on the mistakes and just draw new stuff.

Oruga Sunday 16th April 2017 14:04

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I'm a bit (a lot) nervous about my next project - the splendid quetzal on Arches paper, so I will probably take a break from birds for some time and switch to mammals.
Here are the two works I think are the best among the pictures I did with watercolour so far.

Kite Friday 21st April 2017 16:29

Wonderful paintings!

Oruga Friday 5th May 2017 10:21


Originally Posted by Kite (Post 3554865)
Wonderful paintings!

Thank you. I'm trying to work on my mistakes, hopefully I'll get some progress soon.

wengchun Monday 22nd May 2017 04:16 very nice artwork! envy your amazing talent using traditional materials.

emc Tuesday 30th May 2017 02:58

Beautiful, I love the crowned cranes

_TheBirdNerd_ Saturday 3rd June 2017 09:28

They are stunning, I particularly like the crane one too, such beautiful colours. You defintetly have an amazing talent! :)

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