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Hockey.Lover Monday 23rd July 2007 23:17

Hawk in California - ID Help Please
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I was at a park in Hayward today and saw this hawk. I lightened up the photo in PS for more detail. A juvenile something....Cooper's? I am just not sure.

Any help is much appreciated. :D


Progne Subis Monday 23rd July 2007 23:28

That would be a Red-shouldered Hawk race elegans. As far as aging, I would say that this is a juvenile.

Hockey.Lover Monday 23rd July 2007 23:29

Thank you so much, Tayler. I appreciate the response. :D

Microtus Monday 23rd July 2007 23:45

I second Red-shouldered Hawk.

BirdPhotography Monday 23rd July 2007 23:48

I agree with Red-shouldered Hawk.

Hockey.Lover Tuesday 24th July 2007 00:07

Thank you, thank you!!

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