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  1. Eastern Oklahoma
  2. Scissortail Flycatcher
  3. "Stump" bird and Savannah Sparrow
  4. Sparrow Heaven
  5. Barred owl and Red shouldered Hawk
  6. No tornadoes this spring in tornado alley
  7. ABC Game for your Local Patch
  8. Four Jewels in my patch today.
  9. Sparrows return-They brought friends
  10. Moving
  11. Effect of drought in my local patch
  12. Davis, OK area
  13. Broken Bow Water Treatment Plant
  14. my goldfinches have been driven away!
  15. US Central Flyway-What's on your fence line?
  16. Rare appearance of White-winged Crossbill & Yellow-billed Loon
  17. Trumpeter Swans near Sterling
  18. request for site info--dickcissels near I-40
  19. Orioles in Oklahoma
  20. Snowy Owl found on OK 156 & CR 150, close to Marland
  21. Please PM me Roadrunner sightings
  22. Oklahoma City/Norman Area Birding Options