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  1. Earliest true bird fossil found?
  2. new bird fossil from China
  3. a new fossil bird found is on this link http://www.nytimes.com/2006/10/31/science/31
  4. Where is the 'K-T Signal in birds?
  5. Rare Giant Seabird fossil found
  6. Giant Bird Fossil Discovered
  7. Systematics and biogeography of paleo-avifauna from Morocco
  8. Cladistics and the origin of birds
  9. Evolution of modern birds
  10. Acanthisittidae
  11. Archaeopteryx not so close to birds as previously thought
  12. Hoatzins
  13. Why no fossil rails in Macaronesia?
  14. Madeiran Scops Owl
  15. New Zealand fossil penguin reconstructed
  16. Archaeopteryx wore at least one black feather (probably)
  17. Bird origins
  18. Passerines
  19. Colaptes oceanicus †
  20. Podicipedidae
  21. Apodiformes
  22. Otus frutuosoi (São Miguel Scops Owl) †
  23. Aurornis xui
  24. Fossil Discovery linked to Bird Evolution
  25. Looking for an article about the Cuban Pauraque
  26. Geochen rhuax
  27. New Owls from Switzerland
  28. Proceedings of the 8th meeting of SAPE
  29. Speciial issue of Paleontological yournal dedicated to Evgeny Kurochkin
  30. Bird fossils from SW Madagascar
  31. St Helena Petrel
  32. Lots of new Neogene Passeriformes from Hungary
  33. Question about a subforum
  34. Picus pliocaenicus Kessler, 2013
  35. The first new species and genus for 2014
  36. Avian footprints from Australia
  37. Orthonyx kaldowinyeri
  38. Piscivoravis lii gen. et sp. nov.
  39. Iridescent fossil feathers
  40. Southern New Zealand Penguins
  41. Garganornis ballmanni n. gen et sp.
  42. Genucrassum bransatensis gen. et sp. nov.
  43. Bird behaviour
  44. Cariamidae
  45. Morphological clocks
  46. In Memoriam Larry Martin Volume of Vertebrata PalAsiatica
  47. New fossil bird from New Zealand
  48. Another Mesozoic Bird paper
  49. New paper on reproduction
  50. Extinction date of the Dodo
  51. New er on Bohaiornis
  52. Woodward's Eagle & Langrand's Ground-roller …
  53. taxonomic affinity of Pachyanas chathamica
  54. Age of North Island giant moa
  55. Noel's Barn Owl Tyto noeli
  56. A new paper on the osteological histology of Pan-Alcidae
  57. Coraciidae
  58. Estimation of speciation and extinction
  59. Birds and dinosaurs
  60. Poland
  61. Alphonse Milne-Edwards
  62. Archaeopteryx and paravian phylogeny
  63. Miocene Patagonian penguins
  64. Extinctions in island bird ommunities during the Holocene
  65. Flamingo-Grebe Relationships and the Role of Juncitarsus
  66. New Archaeopteryx specimen discovered
  67. New paper on the diet of Gastornis
  68. Dinornithiformes (Moa)
  69. The Sarmatian vertebrate locality Gratkorn Styrian Basin
  70. Insular Southeast Asia
  71. The dodo, the deer and a 1647 voyage to Japan
  72. Pliocene seabirds at the Humboldt Current
  73. Rodrigues solitaire
  74. plotopterids and penguins
  75. Parrots from France
  76. Anzu wyliei
  77. New paper on Palaeospheniscus
  78. 5th symposium George Cuvier
  79. Former British seabird species
  80. Wing feather arrangement of Archaeopteryx
  81. Phylogenetic Relationships of Emuarius gidju
  82. World’s oldest fossil bird eggshells found
  83. Diet of Yanornis
  84. Growth dynamics and systematic affinities of Gargantuavis
  85. New paper by Alan Feduccia
  86. Gastornithid eggs
  87. Eocene fossil feather from Antarctica
  88. HBW-BirdLife Checklist
  89. A new enantiornithine bird
  90. A new confuciusornithiform bird
  91. Dinosaur and bird adaptive radiations
  92. Miocene rails from France
  93. New information on Hongshanornithidae
  94. New African species
  95. Palaeeudyptes klekowskii
  96. Pseudaptenodytes macraei and ?Pseudaptenodytes minor
  97. Archaeopteryx: X-ray images
  98. Early Cretaceous birds
  99. Pumiliornis
  100. Enantiornithes: Bohaiornithidae: Zhouornis hani
  101. Gastornis parisiensis Hébert, 1855 and Galligeranoides boriensis gen. nov, sp. nov.
  102. Falco hezhengensis sp nov
  103. microanatomical variation among Eocene Antarctic stem penguins
  104. Synsacra of the Eocene Antarctic penguins
  105. New Zealand
  106. Mesozoic fossil eggs from Brazil
  107. New Early Pliocene owls from Africa
  108. Disparity in fossil and molecular dates for birds
  109. Two new Miocene species and a new combination
  110. Two "old" new species !
  111. Wikipedia
  112. Archaeopteryx feathers and the origin of flight
  113. New paper on Oligocorax
  114. Ichthyornis
  115. Pelagornis sandersi
  116. Scansoriopteryx
  117. Chenornis graculoides and Anas lignitifila
  118. Sapeornithidae
  119. Flight origin
  120. A New ‘Four-Winged’ Microraptorine
  121. Phylogenetic signal on bone histology
  122. Fossil Penguins on coins
  123. Updating Wikipedia
  124. New giant penguin bones from Antarctica
  125. Shrinking dinosaurs evolved into flying birds
  126. Abstracts from the 28th Argentine Congress of Vertebrate Paleontology part 1
  127. Abstracts from the 28th Argentine Congress of Vertebrate Paleontology part 2
  128. Abstracts from the 28th Argentine Congress of Vertebrate Paleontology part 3
  129. Abstracts from the 28th Argentine Congress of Vertebrate Paleontology part 4
  130. Tinamidae
  131. Grallavis
  132. Comparative morphology of the radial carpal bone
  133. Mauritius starling
  134. Oldest known avian eggshell
  135. More news on Palaeeudyptes klekowski
  136. Grabauornis lingyuanensis
  137. New Kaka
  138. Aegypius tugarinovi
  139. New fossil Caracara
  140. Evolution of the Avian Sternum
  141. Rapid Evolution Rates across the Dinosaur-Bird Transition
  142. Abstracts from The origin and early evolution of birds symposium
  143. Evolution of wrist bones from dinosaurs to birds
  144. Palaeotis weigelti restudied
  145. Great Abaco, Bahamas
  146. Namibia
  147. Recurvirostridae?
  148. Chatham Island Merganser
  149. Prophaethon shrubsolei
  150. Jehol-Wealden International Conference
  151. New Galliformes
  152. A putative upupiform bird
  153. The intercultural dodo
  154. Rodrigues Solitaire
  155. New species of Limnofregata, Limnofregata hutchisoni
  156. Iteravis huchzermeyeri, a new ornithuromorph
  157. Oligocene pedionomid from Australia
  158. Pliocene Siwaliks pelican
  159. New Anatidae
  160. New Ibidopodia
  161. New long-legged bird from China
  162. Hawaiian Eagle
  163. Comparative osteohistology of Hesperornis withreference to pygoscelid penguins
  164. Origin of feathers: genes predate Dinosauria
  165. New specimens of Scaniacypselus szarskii
  166. Palaelodus: Cranial and Vertebral Morphology
  167. Structure and function of the cassowary's casque
  168. Rival species recast significance of ‘first bird’
  169. Struthio
  170. Erratum
  171. Avian nature of oviraptorosaur brain
  172. Special section on bird genomes in Science
  173. Gansus zheni is Iteravis
  174. The fossil rails (Aves: Rallidae) of Fiji …
  175. Cretaceous fossil bird found in Japan
  176. Coraciiform-like bird, Queensland
  177. New Procellariiformes
  178. Taxonomical reappraisal of Cathayornithidae
  179. New Trogon-like Bird
  180. Hypotarsusmorphology
  181. Nyctisoma robusta
  182. Barb geometry of asymmetrical feathers
  183. Aurornis xui reconstruction
  184. new Gansus yumenensis paper
  185. New Avian ichnotaxon
  186. the evolution of the avian sternum
  187. Dunhuangia cuii, a New Enantornithine Bird
  188. Two new species from Argentina
  189. Avian pellets from the late Oligocene
  190. Late Pleistocene: lowland Neotropics
  191. An ameghinornithid-like bird
  192. Callibrations for Divergence Dating of Charadriiformes
  193. Intertarsal joint anatomy
  194. Charadriiformes
  195. Oviraptorosaurs
  196. A new Mesembriornithinae
  197. Yuanjiawaornis, new large enantiornithine bird
  198. Next-generation paleornithology
  199. Longipteryx (Enantiornithes), new specimen with tooth crenulations
  200. Geological History of birds - recommend?
  201. Great Horned Owls from the La Brea Tar Pits
  202. Ilbandornis (Dromornithidae)
  203. The Long Reign of Terror
  204. Jehol Biota
  205. The gastral basket in basal birds
  206. Fossil Calibration Database
  207. A bizarre new maniraptoran theropod
  208. Archaeornithura, oldest Ornithuromorpha
  209. Evolution feathers and hair
  210. The Function of the Alula in Avian Flight
  211. The filter feeding Harrisonavis croizeti
  212. Beak evolution
  213. homology of feathers, avian scutate scales, and alligator scales
  214. Evolution and development of the hallux
  215. Coloured eggs
  216. Rapid replacement of extinct prehistoric penguins
  217. Wupus agilis
  218. Hesperornithiformes
  219. A New Early Pleistocene Snake Eagle
  220. An overlooked Bustard from 2013
  221. Another new ornithuromorph bird
  222. Avian embryo from Mongolian Cretaceous
  223. forelimb of Psilopterus bachmanni
  224. Feathered enantiornithine bird fossil from Brazil
  225. Osteosclerosis in Cayaoa bruneti
  226. A New Species of Pengornithidae
  227. Late Miocene buttonquails from Eurasia
  228. Ontogenetic Shape Change in the Chicken Brain
  229. The early evolution of frogmouths
  230. Holbotia ponomarenkoi gen. et sp. nov.
  231. New Archaeopteryx paper
  232. Functional evo-devo of the derived avian sternum
  233. Balaur bondoc
  234. Plopteridae
  235. Penguins
  236. Dinornis robustus
  237. Diet and climatic context of Gastornis
  238. Bone histology in Aepyornis
  239. The origin of birds with Julia Clarke
  240. Bird Remains from the Carpathian Basin
  241. Psittacopes
  242. Osteohistology of Iteravis huchzermeyeri
  243. A Nre Enantiornithes
  244. Gastornithidae
  245. Masillacolius brevidactylus
  246. Affinities of Kievornis
  247. New short-armed Dromaeosauridae
  248. Avifauna from Efate Island, Vanuatu
  249. A new Cathartidae from Peru
  250. A new species of crake from Bulgaria