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El Annie
Tuesday 12th November 2002, 20:43
in [email protected] today - http://www.habitat.org.uk/news1.htm

A bird of prey which has been extinct in Ireland since 1912 could be set to reclaim an area of Co Donegal as its territory. Organisers of a scheme to reintroduce the Golden Eagle to Glenveagh National Park say the project has been a success, with some birds about to enter their second winter. A total of 14 newly-hatched eaglets have been brought over from Scotland in the first relocation scheme of its kind in Ireland. Project manager Lorcan O'Toole said only one of the birds brought over to the park has not survived. "We're very pleased with the success rate to date," he said. "It is much better than we expected - we have only lost one eagle so far."
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El Annie

Tuesday 12th November 2002, 22:12
That is brilliant news Annie. Let's pray that the success continues.

Friday 6th December 2002, 20:19
full details are available at www.goldeneagle.ie

Friday 6th December 2002, 22:13
News such as this makes the heart glow warmly Annie.
Thanks for the news

Thursday 6th March 2003, 21:49
I find the Golden Eagle restoration in Ireland wonderful news.

However, on the Channel Islands off the coast of Santa Barbara Goldens are being captured and relocated off the islands. They are killing all the Island Foxes (a bit larger than a cat) to the point of extinction

What caused this situation in the first place? Humans.

Bald Eagles lived on the islands and fed on fish. As the DDT concentrations grew in the waters off Los Angeles the Baldies began suffering the fate of the Peregrine and Osprey. Weak egg shells, hence no offspring. With the Bald Eagle gone Goldens began to frequent the island and found easy meals with the foxes and other island food sources.

It was apparent something had to be done so the Bald Eagle restoration program was started. There is a big push to restore the islands back to their original natural state as well.

The Bald Eagle restoration program is showing signs of success. Hack boxes have been set up and juveniles released on the island. However, in November a juvenile Baldy tried to fly back to the mainland and didn't make it (12 mile distance). As luck would have it, he was picked up by a fishing boat, taken to the Ojai Raptor Center in Ojai, California, where I also help and buffed up enough to be taken back and released. At last report in January it was flying and feeding.

Island foxes have been captured and taken off the island in order to protect the few remaining ones. Once the Goldens are off or in small enough numbers that the Baldies will chase them off the foxes should flourish once they are taken back to the island.

The Aplomado Falcon is also making a come back in parts of west Texas. The Peregrine Fund has set up hack boxes to release juvenile Aplomados and it appears some are successfully breeding. The last time a wild Aplomado was flying wild in these areas was over 70 years ago.

Information on the Bald Eaqle restoration can be read here: http://www.nps.gov/chis/naturalresources/IslandFox/fox3.htm

On a very sad note, one of the last free flying female California Condors (AC-8) that captured in the 80s and then released two years ago was found shot by a poacher in central California. She was found on a private ranch. No leads at this time.

So, despite the successes, there are still tragic setbacks. But we continue.

Saturday 8th March 2003, 21:23
That's great news. I hope the project continues to be a success.