View Full Version : RFI Pembrokeshire

Darren Pearce
Saturday 9th February 2008, 09:45
Hello, I am going for Pembroke for the weekend next Friday. Hopefully the diver will still be there.

I see that Willow Tit has also been reported from here. Is there any particular good spot for Willow Tit at the reservoir.

As I am staying in Pembroke I thought I might look for the American Wigeon in Angle Bay. Any advice on the best spots to see it.

I have seen on Birdguides that Dowrog common is supposedly a good Hen Harrier roost. How accurate is that ?

Finally can anybody PM me some good sites for Chough.

Sorry if I am asking a lot but as you know it is nice to see as much as you can when the opportunity arises.

Darren Pearce
Tuesday 12th February 2008, 11:28
I know the diver has gone. But help with the others would be appreciated :t: