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Tuesday 4th March 2008, 18:11
I was in Hong Kong City for a few days in late January en route to New Zealand. Some of the birding highlights were -

Black Kites soaring between the Skyscrapers, sometimes as many as 4 at a time.

In the small green spaces in the City there are Oriental Magpie Robins, Spotted Doves, Tree Sparrows (which have ousted the House Sparrows), Common Mynas, Light-vented and Red-whiskered Bulbuls.

We accidentally found Hong Kong Park, right in the middle of the City. In addition to Cockatoos flying free I was lucky enough to see a Black crowned Night Heron. However, a big feature of the park is the aviary. Most birders probably disapprove of aviaries. This was the best I have ever seen. It is in fact a full-scale re-creation of a rainforest with full size trees. The birds have a huge amount of space. Species include Rainbow Lorikeet, Green Imperial Pigeon, Bali Catbird, Great Hornbill. The aviary is free. There isn't even a place to put donations and no fact-sheets for sale. It is beautifully presented and immaculate.

Given the amount of water around Hong Kong, I was surprised not to see Gulls. Possibly there are no decent nest sites.


Thursday 27th March 2008, 22:55
Hi Pat,
Pleased you had time to enjoy Hong Kong, it is a great place for birding, Tree Sparrow's are just about all you tend to find in Hong Kong and China, I haven't seen a House Sparrow there in nearly five years of birding there! The best time to see the Black Eared Kites is at dusk from The Peak (looking down over the harbour) have counted 30-40 birds at a time.

You do get gulls at Mai Po, but agree very few if any around the harbour