View Full Version : Do Honey Buzzards ever retract heads in flight?

John Cantelo
Monday 5th January 2004, 08:37
I did ask this question in an earlier post, but I fear people missed it as my posting was (as so often!) too long and verbose.

It has been claimed elsewhere (and if you've been following the debate, you'll know where!) that HBs can retract their head in flight thus, presumably, changing the distinctive 'pigeon-headed' jizz of the species. I've never seen this on HB nor read of it elsewhere. Has anyone else? In passing what I have noticed that one's awareness of features changes over time, but that's another matter, John

Jane Turner
Monday 5th January 2004, 08:40
Can't say I've seen a Bunny pull its head in for any length of time in normal flight. I have seen then scouting about and could imagine that if you timed a photograph right you could make them look as though they did. Mind you I don't see a right lot!

Andrew Rowlands
Monday 5th January 2004, 12:32
I've not seen it, John; I'll ask SJR when I get a chance.

Their head/necks can be quite mobile, though perhaps not as much as Gos., with their 'look back over the shoulder thing'.


Monday 5th January 2004, 17:56
I`ve never seen a HB pull it`s neck in when flying,I have seen them turn their neck backwards to peck a crow that`s harrassing them though.

Regards Steve.

Saturday 10th January 2004, 19:37
John, have you contacted Dick Forsman and asked him your question as to "retraction of the head in flight". He does not mention it in "The Raptors of Europe and the Middle East" either publication, 1999 or 2003. The cuckoo - pigeon-like impression is mentioned.

Malky @ Westhill