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Ranger James
Wednesday 7th January 2004, 14:53
I was down on the Exe estuary this morning, enjoying the spectacle of birds sheltering from a rough south-easterly wind, when i saw something i've not seen before.
I approached a kreel, half burried in the sand and from about 20metres behind it a peregrine took off. I explored further and found its prints in the sand, it had obviously been there quite sometime, and by the look of the prints and debris, it had been eating cockles and other bivalves.
Has anyone else observed first hand this behaviour, or have i misread the field signs?

Jane Turner
Wednesday 7th January 2004, 15:25
Here Peregrine always sit on the sand, sometimes wandering about.....not seen them eat anything without wings though!

Ranger James
Wednesday 7th January 2004, 15:47
Was it a first year bird?James
LOl Spar P.S.welcome.

Yes, it was - any thoughts?

Wednesday 7th January 2004, 20:48
Right on Spar, young birds down on there luck will attempt to eat anthing that may be edible, I've watched them eating earthworms, old bits of dead seagull and turning over cowpats for anything lurking underneath.

Hawfinch beak
Thursday 8th January 2004, 00:17
hi everyone.Where's the nearest place to newcastle i could see a peregrine?

Ranger James
Thursday 8th January 2004, 08:56
Not very familiar with the North East, but if you geta train down to Exeter, you can sit in a nice pub garden (The City Gate) and watch a pair of peregrines feeding thier young on a church nearby. Absolutely magnificent aerial displays in the spring and the local primary school located at the bottom of the steeple is a bit of a mortuary for local birds for much of the year!

Thursday 8th January 2004, 14:22
Welcome Ranger James from another Devonian who loves the Exe estuary.

I assume you saw the Peregrines on the church in Exeter, I never got round to it but followed them in the news as they held up restoration work!

Ranger James
Thursday 8th January 2004, 14:26
Up until february I worked for the Devon Wildlife Trust, which has its offices just by the church in question, so walking to work in late spring was an absolute joy! And on the Iron Bridge you have the added bonus of being surrounded by swifts too! I still live in Exeter so will look forward to this summer's brood-raising soap-opera. Well, its a decent excuse to have a couple of beers after work.

Gerry Hooper
Thursday 8th January 2004, 16:04
Hi James, I was working at Exeter College (Gardener) and saw that pair and young daily.Fantastic sight in the middle of the city.
My local patch is the Turf but I can only get there Saturday am.'s for any length of time.
We should all getogether sometime!

Thursday 8th January 2004, 16:09
I was walking up the side of Woolies from that Iron Bridge and saw a Peregrine. It was probably one of the soap opera birds. I thought it was further out on the edge of the city! Dumb me!

Thursday 8th January 2004, 21:47
Hi Ranger James

I am also a huge fan of the Exe. Perhaps we'll see each other there some time.

Best wishes.

Friday 9th January 2004, 09:00
Quite a strong Devon contingent forming on BF with the core being Exe regulars! Must have a day session on the Exe sometime.

Ranger James
Friday 9th January 2004, 12:33
I would highly recommend it! I popped into the Bowling Green Marsh RSPB hide (high water roost for many Exe denizens) this morning and had a great view of the avocets roosting closer to the hide than usual becuase of the high water level.
The peregrines in Exeter also use the cathedral as a hunting ground, because of all the potential quarry, Also great as it is surrounded by nice watering holes... I see a pattern evolving here!

Friday 9th January 2004, 15:23
Ranger James,

Sorry for not being clearer, I meant a BF day session where BF members get together for a birding day then the traditional group photo in front of some Public Toilets.

Friday 9th January 2004, 18:52
Not another Devonian!

I enjoyed the Exeter peregrines too on a couple of visits. Did anyone else get to the Plym Bridge pair? I work in Plymouth and spent many lunch times, before school, even the odd after school there as well as having the web cam on live in my classroom most of the day - having trawled the web often for peregrine cams I have to say the Plym Bridge one was the best this season. Last Sunday on Hope's Nose (Torquay) several of us were treated to some superb views of three peregrines (an adult pair and one immature female) perching in some clifftop pines near some very expensive real estate and taking the odd cruise around the cliffs stirring up the local pigeon population without much intent as I witnessed an early morning kill which at least two of the birds shared. Don't you just love peregrines!

Friday 9th January 2004, 19:17
Hi Hawfinch, a Peregrine is occasionaly seen between Hartley and St Mary,s Island not sure about nearer the Toon.
In winter coastal habitats can be good for raptors, Merlin are also noted as well as Sparrowhawk and the odd Hen Harrier.

Friday 9th January 2004, 19:27
Hi leighjauncey

You're right, Peregrines are fantastic. I have seen then often on the cliffs just up the coast from Budleigh Salterton.

Where do you bird in the Torbay area?

Hawfinch beak
Friday 9th January 2004, 21:18
Thanks cuddy ;)

Friday 9th January 2004, 21:30

I wonder if you were looking at the family of Peregrines (in Hope's Nose) that I saw in nearby Berry Head last October? Quite possible.

Saturday 10th January 2004, 18:20

It's possible though I wouldn't be surprised if there wasn't another pair on the Berry Head side of the bay - the Hope's Nose birds don't seem to stray far at all - there's more than enough food for them not to have to!


Sunday 11th January 2004, 22:40
The south Devon coast is ideal for Peregrines from Bud Salt to Plymouth.

Saturday 7th February 2004, 19:02
Try Seal Sands(Teeside) during winter months for raptors can be painfully cold though ! Good luck Hawfinch tonygee