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Karl J
Saturday 31st January 2004, 14:54
Just got this month's copy of Birdwatching magazine and turned to see what I've missed on Breydon Water. One line goes ..... ''Peregrines, Merlins and Marsh Harriers were seen almost daily'' .....

So, as I visit once or twice a week shouldn't I have spotted a Peregrine by now purely by chance ? No problems with the other two - Marsh Harrier regularly, Merlin once or twice, but Peregrine .... no not one. Nor last winter.

Or am I not looking in the right place / way ?

Jane Turner
Saturday 31st January 2004, 14:58
My tip is to watch the behavour of other birds. I have Peregrines here daily and you know when they are about because everything except the largest gulls panic...

You will hear alarm calls from Starlings, but unlike when the see a Sparrowhawk... they dive for cover.... the sky empties...except for some strange reason for waders, which seen to panic and take flight.

Karl J
Saturday 31st January 2004, 19:57
Hi Jane, Yes those mass panics aren't uncommon here, but on the times I've actually seen what's responsible for it it's been a harrier.

But I'll keep it in mind when I'm out again ..... thanks

Andrew Rowlands
Saturday 31st January 2004, 20:40
If there are any pylons within a mile or two, try to check them.


Saturday 31st January 2004, 21:43
Good advice Satrow. We still have one around too. Last Autumn more often than not it was sat on the pylons near a coastal pond. Unfortunately a bit too far away for a decent view. Closer views were only of it twisting and turning chasing small birds, though I saw one a couple of weeks back sat in a tree but missed a superb photo opportunity ???