View Full Version : New forest holiday valantines weekend

Sunday 1st February 2009, 17:51
Hi - I'll be at the New Forest for 3 days over valantines -can anyone suggest some good places to go birding and say what should be around.

Sunday 1st February 2009, 19:11
The Arboretum on the Rhinefield drive is a good place to view Hawfinch.
They were very regular at 3pm onwards last month coming in to roost.
Go through the gate up the track over the road opposite the car park,turn right and you will see a carving of a squirrel.
Look for them in the tops of the tall conifers.

Tuesday 3rd February 2009, 19:16
Thanks I'll give that a look - I haven't seen hawfinches yet so it would be great to spot some.