View Full Version : Hand rearing a fledgling magpie

Sunday 26th April 2009, 20:45
Hi All

We have just found a fledgling magpie in the garden, he is not able to fly properly quite yet, although he's a feisty little chap! we watched him for several hours but his mum didn't come and get him.

We have now brought him in, as it's getting dark and he's not safe in the garden as there are a lot of cats around and our garden is fully enclosed. We made a nest and have given him some cat food as per some advice I read on a forum, but I want to make sure we are giving him/her the right care until it is able to fly and be free.

He ate the food with no problems, and I'm going to get him some meal worms tomorrow. What do you do about water?

Can anyone offer any advice on how to ensure he will survive?

I can pop him back in the garden tomorrow as I'm home all day - should I do this and hope his parents find him?

We only handled him briefly and with gloves - I just want this little one to make it!


John P
Sunday 26th April 2009, 23:17
There's a sticky posted here (http://www.birdforum.net/showthread.php?t=36564) with general info on found birds.

Monday 27th April 2009, 08:46
Thanks John - I'll go and read that now.

As an update - the little one is doing well this morning, it is eating well and seems quite happy. He is being kept in a very large cage so he can stretch his wings and I hope learn to fly soon!