View Full Version : Spring??

Thursday 25th March 2004, 22:30
Hello Forum!

Well, it never ceases to amaze me how fast things can change. We went from winter the other day (-25C on this past Tuesday morning) to +11C today. It rained last night for a few hours. Now our roads are complete mush. We only have dirt roads out here and as soon as spring rolls around, we end up with a foot of water and slush. We got that today! Of course, when this happens, we have to get more traffic than usual so now it's REALLY a mess! I heard it's supposed to freeze down to the minus teens again on the weekend so it should really be interesting around here!
I even saw my first starling of the season today! It's the first spring bird I've seen but I'm hoping that my purple finches won't be far behind. Not so many pine grosbeaks here now either. Maybe 20 or so daily instead of the 40 or 50 that were here mid-winter. Still lots of repolls tho'.
Off to town tomorrow (mushy roads or not.... must see the doc for a check up!). We'll be checking out our new house that we bought last week... we don't get full ownership until April 30th tho' and the wait is driving my husband batty! :)
Hope we don't fall into a washout.........