View Full Version : Mama Red-tailed Hawk

Sunday 28th March 2004, 06:21
Mama Hawk is looking a little ragged lately.... her left wing looks more beat up than it normally does. Is this a problem?

Also, I've noticed a few weeks ago that when she was on the nest, there were 2 other Red-tailed Hawks in the tree not far from her. Is this normal - do they have a community nest-watch thing or is she being harrassed? I usually only see Mama & Papa - she's on the nest or in the tree and he sits up on the hill. I haven't seen the 3rd RT again since the day all 3 were in the tree.

Any ideas?

Sunday 28th March 2004, 18:51
This is most likely a territorial issue as the Redtail nests on their own.
Could it be a youngster from last year ?
The wing damage looks only superficial and should not affect the flying or the hunting ability.

Tuesday 30th March 2004, 02:25
Thank you, Suricate!