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Sunday 20th June 2010, 02:23
hoping you "locals" might provide some insight....

trying to ID the type of bird based on nest/location/and eggs

my sister lives in the mountains above harrisburg, 127 acres, lots of wildlife..she and daughter discovered a nest not too far off a "path" in an area very heavy with brush,grasses....not woods, not edge of woods, but bramble/thicket tall enough to give shade to a few may apple plants..

less than knee-high off of the ground, wedged in amoungst the thorny branches, is a small cup shaped nest....nest is made of sheeps wool on bottom and goes about halfway up, then is finished off with horsehair...3 small pale,pale blue or maybe white eggs about the size of a jellybean or kidney bean are inside.....the broad umbrella-like leaf od a may apple hangs rignt overtop the nest, don't know if this is a deliberate, identifying trait, or just an accident of nest placement.........
any ideas?????
they have mis-located their camera, so no pics....the best i could get out of them for sizing is the reference to the kidney bean sized eggs..

Monday 21st June 2010, 02:44
Just a guess could be a meadow lark, Bobolink, Redwing blackbird could even be a sparrow that likes fields. Stay back with in binocular range from the nest and watch for any activity near by or going to the nest. don't get too close or the bird may abandon the nest.