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Brian Stone
Thursday 10th June 2004, 16:34
I am planning to take the family for a week in August and wondered if any part of the region would be best for what we are after and reduce the need to drive around too much. It would be nice to be on the doorstep of some good coastal walks. If there is anywhere that might improve the chances of coming across Basking Shark that would be useful to know. Suggestions of other places particularly good for birds or butterflies would also be welcome as would ideas for family days out.

I've only visited the area briefly before and have some vivid memories of a large Harbour Porpoise school competing with loads of seabirds for food at Strumble Head and thousands of shearwaters gathering offshore in the evenings.

Thanks for any advice.

Thursday 10th June 2004, 16:53
We have been to Little Haven a couple of times (going there again end of June) it's got nice beaches good coastal/cliff walks, some nice pubs (2), b&b's, a good campsite and....... er that's about it. It is handy for Marloes and boats to Skomer, although August is a bit too late for most of the breeding birds, and Strumble Head is about 30+ minutes. st David's is a good day out, not too far and it's got a surprisingly good (but small) aquarium which my kids liked lots, as well as the world famous (in Wales) cathedral!
Nothing much spectacular birdwise although there are usually Peregrines and Chough in the area and almost anything could drop in on passage, but it is a nice quiet place, perfect for a relaxing family hols.


Thursday 10th June 2004, 22:33
I can echo Nick's recommendation of Little Haven, although I also agree that it may be relatively bird-quiet... but the scenery is very pleasant, and you can watch the sunset over the bay.

If you are prepared to drive around a bit, then you might want to look at my report (http://www.birdforum.net/showthread.php?t=8515)from a visit in September last year, and also a few recommendations (http://www.birdforum.net/showthread.php?t=7737)I received.

Friday 11th June 2004, 13:28
Hi Brian

If you stay in South Pembrokeshire (Tenby area) be sure to visit the stack rocks near Castle Martin. One of the three stacks is onlyabout 20m from the cliff edge. When I went 2 weeks ago it was covered in Guilemots, Razorbills, Kittiwakes, Fulmarsand Greater black backs. There are usually shags about and I have never failed to find chough in this area. I don't know wether the auks will still be about in August but that area of coast merits a visit for scenery alone.

Mike Jenkin