View Full Version : Cedar Waxwings in winter?

Thursday 3rd February 2011, 16:38
Hey alló

I live along the Wasatch front, with easy access to American Fork and Provo canyons. Everything I've read about Cedar Waxwings says they're around all year and they eat berries in the winter. But... what trees grow berries in the winter here?

Basically what I'm looking for is region-specific advice on how to find one of these guys during the cold months. Anyone have experience with this?

Steve Schoech
Thursday 3rd February 2011, 19:07
I can't speak for Utah but had a flock last weekend feeding on some type of fruit (looked like some kind of decorative plum with cherry sized fruits) that was still on the trees. I also know that when I was a boy in California they'd show up and eat the pyracantha berries that also remained on the bush well beyond the summer into the winter. So, it's not trees that grow berries in the winter but rather trees that hold their fruits/berries into the winter.