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Sunday 3rd April 2011, 12:03
I'm planning to get out of Shanghai and go to Moganshan next week for 3 days (after Qingming) !

Does anyone have any experience / knowledge of birding this mountain and do you have any tips / advice on where to go / what I can expect to see / where to stay ?

Thanks in advance !

Monday 4th April 2011, 00:35
I'm not much up on Shanghai area, but had never heard of this. Going after the holiday sounds quite smart!

Hope someone else has something to add. I feel like a lot of "natural places" do not have as much visible bird life as one might expect. Finding good habitat is important, and looking for the right birds for that area. Maybe someone else can comment on what types of areas to explore even if they don't know the park.

Would love to hear about the trip afterwards.

Monday 4th April 2011, 06:06
Googling produced this:

It would be a good idea to start at the summit, or as near as you can get, on one day, working your way down. Apart from its being easier on the legs, you will miss most of the tourists, who will arrive later. Then you need to bird at different altitudes, to see the species that are altitudinal (!).

It is a national park. You never know, someone at the HQ (if there is one) might know something about where to go.

See if you can get off the paths- always go away from where people mainly go. Bamboo habitat looks fantastic.

Good luck !

Monday 4th April 2011, 16:41
Thanks Gretchen - I'm always worried that what looks like a good spot will turn out to be a dud. I took my wife to Chongming island - a famous wetlands - and we hardly saw any birds at all, when I queried the staff where all the storks were they said we had to be there early about 06.00 or 07.00 .... but they only open at 09.00 and close at 17.00 before the birds return for the evening !!

Thank you John. There is actually quite a few small lakes in the area too - might be worth a try. I will actually stay on the mountain for the 3 days and take various routes around it - hoping for raptors but I don't know what else to expect. I've always found bamboo forests to be disappointing for birds (no muh else grows and as the bamboo is very tall, easily 30 - 50' high (10 - 15M+) then the birds are all in the canopy. Any idea what birds may live in these bamboo forests ?

Tuesday 5th April 2011, 00:54
I am still struggling as a beginning birder with the where, when and what questions: in a given location, what kind of birds might I see, will they be high or low, and what time of day will they be visible (though I guess the answer to the last question is usually "early" ;) ). One of the things which has helped me find more birds is doing as much listening as looking.

Anyway, lake habitat sounds good, especially if there are natural banks (not build up embankments). Some good general advice I think is to look most carefully on the edges where various habitats meet, so forest or brush near a water feature, or near a meadow can be more productive than the middle of a forested area.

Your question on what to look for in bamboo is a good one... sorry I have no clue on that.

Wednesday 6th April 2011, 01:47
I've been to the mountains around Moganshan with similar habitat.
Bamboo forest is good for Elliot's Pheasant.
Also in that area u may see Short-tailed Parrotbill.Note the bamboo shrubs,not the 10-15m tall man-made bamboo.
Brown-chested Jungle Flycatcher is a summer breeder but now it's still too early for them.
It's early for most of passerines but yes,raptors are moving.

Wednesday 6th April 2011, 18:01
Thanks for the heads-up mcaribou - I'll keep my eyes on the ground too ! It'll be interesting to see what else I can find, if it ends up being a wash are there other areas close that are worth a few hours or more ?