View Full Version : Taiwan Birding in mid-August?

Tuesday 14th June 2011, 17:24
I'm going to be in Taiwan August 15-23 or so, and I'll probably have a couple days to attempt to seriously look for birds. I realize it's not the best time to go since the breeding season is over for most of them.. Does anyone have any advice on where I should go and/or what birds to look for at that time of year (especially since I only have a couple days)? I'd like to get a good look at as many endemic species as possible, even if they're relatively common. I'll be sure to go back again earlier in the year next time around.

Many thanks in advance!

Mark Bruce
Tuesday 21st June 2011, 02:29
Feel free to PM me. I can help you out with locations.

Cheers :t:,


Tuesday 21st June 2011, 03:48
I met Mark in Taiwan when I visited a few years back. Also in summer but we saw pretty much everything except the Taiwan Bush-warbler. Trip report is here: http://www.hannostamm.com/taiwan_september_2007a.htm