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Monday 13th January 2003, 20:38
RSPB Ramsay Island

3 miles West of St. Davids, reached by boat from St Justinian lifeboat slip. They operate a policy of limiting the numbers visiting [max 40 per day?] but it is usually possible to get across [may be booked in advance, in St Davids]. Breeding birds include Manx Sheerwater [but see below], Guillemots, Razorbills, a few Puffins, various gulls, a few birds of prey, waders [declining sharply], finches, etc., etc.. But, as all of the above can be seen in greater numbers at other sites in the area, one of the major reasons for visiting Ramsay is the 7 or 8 breeding pairs of choughs. It also has the UKs largest colony of breeding Atlantic Grey Seals. And, of course, every year sees 1 or 2 [or 3 or 4?] twitchable rarities turn up.

Originally posted by Steve, but I've taken the liberty of splitting his site reports into the individual sites and posting them in the correct county for ease of reference for those using the forum.