View Full Version : On the brink: Conservationists reveal the rivers still suffering (RSPB)

BF Newsroom
Saturday 10th September 2011, 00:33
Last week the Environment Agency released a list of the ten most improved rivers in England and Wales. Conservationists have criticised the report saying it presents a rosy view of river health and ignores the many waterways struggling with pollution, over abstraction and other threats.

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Robin Edwards
Sunday 11th September 2011, 19:18
Quote - "Thames Water said 500,000 cubic metres of raw sewage had entered the London section of the Thames this week." Not by accident either.

My local river is the Great Ouse and I would hazzard that releasing sewage is a regular practice which goes unreported given the tangled debris & mess left in the trees and shrubs that can be seen as the water level drops