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Saturday 12th November 2011, 19:54
does anyone know great sites to birdwatch in hayling island?

delia todd
Saturday 12th November 2011, 20:03
Hi Cameron

I've moved your thread to the Hampshire sub-forum - I'm sure someone will be along soon with some information for you. I've only been there once a few years ago now, but can remember being directed to somewhere near the arrow on this map (http://www.streetmap.co.uk/map.srf?x=471572&y=103730&z=120&sv=471572,103730&st=4&ar=y&mapp=map.srf&searchp=ids.srf&dn=557&ax=471572&ay=103730&lm=0), where there were some oyster beds.

Apart from that, there's Farlington Marshes (http://www.birdforum.net/opus/Farlington_Marshes), to the west of the bridge before crossing onto the island.


Saturday 12th November 2011, 22:04
Hi Cameron,

Just to whet your appetite, the following birds have all been found on Hayling Island in the last few years: Pallas's Warbler, Red-flanked Bluetail, Pectoral Sandpiper, Olive-backed Pipit, Wryneck, Desert Wheatear, Kentish Plover, Icterine and Dusky Warblers and Great White Egret.
Shortly after crossing over Langstone Bridge, there is a garage on your right. Turn right here and you will reach a car park. These are the Oysterbeds. Here you can look out into the harbour or walk south along the Hayling Billy Line.
The other site I would concentrate on is Sandy Point, at the extreme south-east of the island, at the end of Sandy Point road. This is a closed reserve, but you can view parts of it from the perimeter. You can also seawatch between here and Black Point.
For more detailed information on what you might see, it may be worth registering with the Going Birding site, which gives daily sightings in Hampshire including Hayling Island.

Good birding

Dave W

Sunday 13th November 2011, 07:42
Can't add anything to the above - the link to going birding is http://www.goingbirding.co.uk/hants/birdnews.asp You only need to register/log in to submit sightings - just go to the web page to view sightings.

Sunday 13th November 2011, 07:57
Thanks a lot

Wednesday 16th November 2011, 06:05
You might also have a look at http://homepage.ntlworld.com/ralph.hollins/Diary.htm - Ralph's maps page is very useful for the precise locations on Hayling Island.

Saturday 29th April 2017, 16:57
Hi All,

Firstly, Cameron, apologies for piggy-backing your post. I'm simply after some specific feedback from experienced, local Hayling Island birdwatchers.

Last weekend I was staying at the Warner Lakeside Coastal Village site, PO11 9NR. Whilst there, I took a short walk (on the site) to observe birds in nearby Chichester Harbour. This is where help is needed.

I saw a wader, which I couldn't quite identify. Both light and distance were against me, which made observing the diagnostics very difficult. Bill size seemed similar to or longer than its head length. I could not make out a diagnostic curve (either slightly upwards or downwards). Other than that it had mottled upper parts, contrasting light lower parts etc.

I'm fairly certain I saw the same type of bird, in pretty much the same location, this time two years ago. It was an equally difficult spot. At the time I jotted it down as a Whimbrel, but wasn;t really convinced. On reflection, I still think that was unlikely, and it probably was a Redshank or Greenshank (then and now).

Can anyone offer an opinion?

As for me, I'm a reasonably experienced birdwatcher. I have recorded every certain sighting I have made (globally) since 1999. On the two occasions mentioned above, I was using Leica 8+12x42 Duovid binoculars.

Thanks and kind regards,