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Thursday 23rd February 2012, 15:43
Hello all!

I'm currently a young American Fulbrighter (a US-international exchange program) based in Shanghai. There will be a group of us ex-pats heading to Taiwan next month for a conference in Taipei (3/4-3/9). Afterwards, we plan to travel around until 3/17 (we will all be flying back to China from Taipei).

I am a keen birder but my friends have interests ranging from aboriginal culture to musicology to politics. Thankfully, the friend group is (I assume) outdoorsy, and therefore down for hikes. However, because we'll be 5-6 in total, I can't necessarily hit up all of the best birding sites; I imagine we'll want to go to places like Sun Moon Lake and see the local aboriginal customs (which sounds exciting and lovely but not terribly bird-y).

In any event, I've compiled a list of scenic sites that have at least been mentioned once in previous Taiwan trip reports. Please note that we will *not* be renting a car (none of us has an international driver's license) so ideally we would like to go to places that are (relatively) close to train stations. We would probably be willing to hire a driver from a more populated town to drive to a more remote location (e.g. Puli to Hehuanshan), but I'd really appreciate getting a sense of how much that might cost.

I would be extremely grateful if anyone could indicate which of the following sites have good birding conditions, are reasonably accessible, and have something of cultural interest (e.g. ancient ruins, wood carving, ...I'm an uncouth barbarian so I've run out of thoughts already). I think that realistically in the span of 7 days without a car, we can probably only go to 3 sites, but I might be being too conservative and negative. Additionally, if any of the sites require permits, I would appreciate being informed of that!

CENTRAL TAIWAN - probably limited to 2 sites

1. 玉山Yushan/Jade Mountain, particularly the Tatajia (Tatachia) Recreational Area
2. 合欢山 Hehuan Mountain/Wuling Pass (from Puli to Wushe)
3. Anmashan (aka Daxueshan) in Taichung county (台中县/大雪山国家公园)
4. Chingjing: Bei Dong Yang Shan/北东阳山( ?)
5. Puli Huisun National Forest Recreation Area

SOUTHERN TAIWAN -probably cover 1 site?
1. Taitung 台东 East Rift Valley
2. Tainan Kenting/台南垦丁国家公园

Of course, if I've missed any worthwhile sites, please do let me know. We will be travelling from March 10 - March 17 so I realize that I probably won't be able to see the fairy pitta :-C



Sunday 25th March 2012, 07:04
3. Anmashan, is 鞍馬山,
4. Bei Dong Yan Shan, is 北東眼山,
5. Puli Huisun National Forest Recreation Area
5. Puli, is 埔里,
and Huisun National Forest Recreation Area, is 惠蓀林場,

2. Tainan, is 台南,
and Kenting, is 墾丁國家公園, at Pingtung County not Tainan,