View Full Version : How do I know it's really fall?

Saturday 16th October 2004, 21:23
The yellow-rumped warblers are back!

Just saw my first bunch today. They may have been here a while, since this was my first chance to get out for a birdwalk in over a week...

Now I know the juncos and white-throated sparrows will be here soon.

Saturday 16th October 2004, 22:29
We've got the juncos here! After spending half the day working on the patio (who knew there could be so much bulb planting and winterizing to do in such a small area??), we finally retreated as it got late in the day -- the birds were coming in for their afternoon feed and didn't take kindly to a pair of lumbering people in their restaurant. So we sat down on the sofa with our own snack to watch the birds, and a short time later a junco landed on the fence. It's so nice to have the little things back. She was joined not long after by another junco, so I guess we had better go out tomorow and get some millet blend. They didn't find anything to interest them... now I feel bad. Flying all that way to land here, only to find the meals were not to their liking. ;)

Yes, fall is here! And goodness, do I love it. :bounce:

Katy Penland
Sunday 17th October 2004, 00:22
We seem to be getting another junco or two per day into the yard and have about 20 so far. And the Cassin's finches are back this fall, which we didn't get but one or two last year, so I'm really happy to see them again -- about 30 so far. And the pine siskins! Holy moly, day before yesterday we had nearly 200 of the little munchers out there. Fall has definitely arrived!!!