View Full Version : I'm a new member based in Liaoning, Shenyang

Tuesday 8th January 2013, 00:14
Hi everyone,

I thought an introduction here would be more appropriate as this is where I live. I came to Shenyang in late 2007 and work for a Chinese multi-national.

I'm getting back into birding after an almost 2 year break that coincided with the birth of my first child and a career change.

If anyone is passing through / located in Shenyang I'm always happy to compare notes. PM me whenever. 用中文联系我也行。


Andrew / 赫安哲

Tuesday 8th January 2013, 01:36
Welcome,no matter Liaoning,Shenyang or Shenyang,Liaoning:)

Terry Townshend
Tuesday 8th January 2013, 03:17
Welcome, Andrew! Very interested to hear about what you are seeing up there. You should definitely make contact with Tom Beeke in Dalian (see his thread).

Tuesday 8th January 2013, 04:01
Welcome Andrew - looking forward to seeing / hearing of your exploits once it warms up over there (a friend of mine works in Shenyang and said it is / or was -30C there) brrrr !

Tuesday 8th January 2013, 06:26
Welcome to BF Andrew. Glad to have one more addition to our Dongbei and little community of birders in this section. Let's heat it up as we have strong contenders from Hongkong.8-P

Dong Bei
Tuesday 8th January 2013, 06:45

I'm really looking forward to hearing about what you see in Shenyang. Delighted to have another Liaoning birder around as well. That makes at least 3 in the province!

Does this mean I have to change my name? You are more of a DongBei Ren than me:eek!:!

China birdforum is pumping lately!

Dev, deep down all Hong Kong birders wish they were really in the northeast......What have I started?;)


Tuesday 8th January 2013, 12:09
Andrew - welcome!

Tom - much as I enjoy your thread I'll still take some convincing that I'd rather be there than here (although living in Discovery Bay might just change my mind!)

Somehow the (tactfully incomplete) phrase "nice place to visit . . ." springs to mind.


Tuesday 8th January 2013, 12:39
Andrew...what they all said above...welcome to our little corner of BF...good to have you aboard!


Jeff hopkins
Tuesday 8th January 2013, 17:14
...deep down all Hong Kong birders wish they were really in the northeast

Maybe in the summertime, Tom. ;)

Welcome to the forum, Andrew. I too look forward to reading your reports.


Tuesday 8th January 2013, 22:14
Thank you for the warm welcome, everyone. (Not so) Dong Bei Tom gets the credit for my arrival, as I contacted him via BirdingPal last week and he pointed me to his ongoing thread here about Dalian area sightings.

For those of you birding in China and active on eBird.org, my username there is the same as here. Please add me as your contact so I can see your trip reports. |:D|

As for the weather here, once you get past -15C there's no point in counting much. You just need to be sure you have all-weather optics otherwise people tend to find their focus knobs lock up! |^| Besides, the birds don't have GoreTex and modern synthetics but they're still out there waiting for you. You're not telling me a bird is tougher than you, are you? |;|

Wednesday 16th January 2013, 16:29
Andrew, also a warm welcome from me! I'm from Belgium and still living in my home town, but married to a Chinese girl from Shenyang!

I visit my in-laws once in 1-2 years. So, I have much interest in your reports. My sightings from the last three visits are on observado.org. See all my chinese observations here (http://china.observado.org/user/view/40049?q=&g=0&from=2013-01-09&to=2013-01-16&prov=0&z=0&sp=0&gb=0&cdna=0&f=0&m=K&zeker=O&month=0&rows=20&only_hidden=0&zoektext=0&q=&zoektext=0&from=2000-01-09&g=0&to=2013-01-16&prov=0&z=1&m=K&zeker=O&rows=20&month=0). It is not much, just 32 species (see here (http://china.observado.org/gebied/species_list/94736)), because I mostly visit in summer and it's hard to get away from my family during these trips for some serious birding/nature study. I think I enjoyed the Grey Backed trushes in the Botanical Gardens the most last time.

Looking forward to your posts and reports,

Thursday 17th January 2013, 00:03
Hi Bart!

Small world, eh? Next time you visit please let me know in advance and we can, at the least, have dinner!

On your list of Shenyang sightings you're doing pretty good! My favorite of those is the Oriole. In 5 years I've only seen two: one at the Gardens and one at BeiLing Park. They're so elusive hiding hiding hiding in the canopy... but when they finally flit out onto a branch they are just stunning!