View Full Version : Hampshire tip ?

Neil Duggan
Monday 18th February 2013, 17:56
I'm heading down to Southampton tomorrow and hopefully will have an hour or two to spare.

Not knowing the area at all can anyone put me onto the best costal spot or perhaps a reserve inland. I'm heading from Midlands direction.

Many thanks in advance.

Monday 18th February 2013, 20:52
Hi Neil,

If you have a reasonable amount of time, I'd head for Pennington/Keyhaven marshes, details of which can be found on the Hampshire Ornithological Society website. If your time is more limited then Blashford Lakes might be a better bet. This reserve will give you a good range of birds and is just north of Ringwood.

Dave W

Neil Duggan
Monday 18th February 2013, 21:10
Thanks Dave, very grateful