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Fly 2006
Saturday 30th March 2013, 17:40
Hi, just thought anyone living around here might be interested to know I saw a group of redwings on Wilverley plain a couple of days ago.... So what i hear you say! I was amazed to see a white one in amongst them ( well a creamy colour) I wasn't the only one to see it, another person was pointing and peering at it, it was definately the same bird as the rest which I am 99% sure were redwings, anyone else seen it before?

Saturday 30th March 2013, 18:21
I saw a near total white one about 3 weeks ago. Off-White except for a hint of supercilium/facial pettern, and a hint of pink on the flank. This was in farmland just South of Romsey, Hants! so could well be the same one. Nice to think he is still going strong.