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Wednesday 14th August 2013, 20:12
Hay Hampshire

I'm based in Bognor Regis and this weekend is the first weekend I've had free for months. I'm looking for a spot where you can get eye-level with birds and have them in range of a 600mm.

Any locations like this in Hampshire?

Thursday 15th August 2013, 11:46
Depending on the species you’re after.

The Warblers are feeding on the fruit at the moment, so any rough ground around Thorney, Northney, Farlington for beardies, and the possibility to photograph late afternoon the waders on the scrapes, further a field there’s Keyhaven, which is a good place to take images, but busy.

Common Terns still nesting at the Oysterbeds, you could then venture down to The Kench, Little Tern, and possible Black Terns.

Pagham and Fisbourne Creek is another choice, though not in Hampshire, the creek’s a good bet with the fields adding to the possibility of migrants.

Pagham on the Bognor side would be easier.

Some waders are just returning in numbers, so along the Hayling shoreline, there’s work being carried out at Black Point so restricted access, plus the water will be busy.

The Nutbourne and Chidham shoreline is another to think about, but get there early before all’s about on their walk.

If you’re after a hide and being stationary then Titchfield Havens a good start, could then nip over to Browndown for Dartford’s and Whitethroats. Even a walk up the canal path can be rewarding.