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Tuesday 17th September 2013, 16:07

As I am sure you are aware by now, a little while ago we started a "Deal of the Day (http://www.cameralandny.com/deal_of_the_day.html)" promo. This, "Deal of the Day (http://www.cameralandny.com/deal_of_the_day.html)" is posted everyday I am here at work, assuming I find the time each day to do this, lol.
We buy lots of demos, close-outs and assorted new product deals and sometimes we wind up with enough to offer crazy cheap deal on something awesome.


Todays deal is a camera related item, for a change.....

Todays "Deal of the Day (http://www.cameralandny.com/deal_of_the_day.html)" is a Promaster - LED120 Camera/Camcorder Light (http://www.cameralandny.com/cameragear/promaster.pl?page=promasterled120light) which is normally $99.99. For this "Deal of the Day (http://www.cameralandny.com/deal_of_the_day.html)" we're doing 50% off down to $49.99


PROMASTER LED Camera/Camcorder lights help you get well-lit photos and video with more natural color. The continuous light source eliminates the red-eye effect caused by your camera's flash and helps you get sharper pictures by providing a good source of illumination for your camera's autofocus system.

120 super bright daylight LED’s
Luminance: 51 lux @ 10’
Built-in diffusion screen helps reduce hard shadows
3300º yellow filter is to simulate tungsten lighting is included
Shoe mount to any standard flash shoe or mount to standard ¼-20 thread
Uses 4 standard or NiMH AA batteries (not included)
Universal mounting bracket is included

Click Here for Detailed Instructions on this light (http://www.promaster.com/instructionbooks/7207_LED120PLUS_Camera_and_Camcorder_Light.pdf)

* These "Deal of the Day (http://www.cameralandny.com/deal_of_the_day.html)" opportunities last as long as we have inventory so if you see this and want this please give a call @ 212-753-5128 or check our site.