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Tuesday 20th May 2014, 12:54

As I am sure you are aware by now, last year we established a "Deal of the Day (http://www.cameralandny.com/deal_of_the_day.html)" section on our site. This, "Deal of the Day (http://www.cameralandny.com/deal_of_the_day.html)" is posted everyday I am here at work, assuming I find the time each day to do this, lol.
We buy lots of demos, close-outs and assorted new product deals and sometimes we wind up with enough to offer crazy cheap deal on something awesome.


Today's "Deal of the Day (http://www.cameralandny.com/deal_of_the_day.html)" is on both new and demo goods.

In new product we are down to the last few of the:

Zeiss Victory Photoscope 85 T* FL (Part#528100) (http://www.cameralandny.com/optics/zeiss.pl?page=528100) which are now reduced from $6699.99 to only $2499.99

Zeiss Conquest 12x45B T* binocular 524512 (http://www.cameralandny.com/optics/zeiss.pl?page=zeissconquest524512) for only $749.99

In demo goods we have reduced the prices of the following items to clear out some demo inventory and pass along some great deals....

Zeiss Conquest 15x45B T* Binocular #524515 (http://www.cameralandny.com/optics/zeiss.pl?page=524515) for only:
Demo - $699.99
New - $799.99

BTW, a portion of every Zeiss sale is donated to United Cerebral Palsy (http://www.ucpn.org/).

Please feel free to call Doug or Neil @ 212-753-5128 with any questions or to place an order.

* These "Deal of the Day (http://www.cameralandny.com/deal_of_the_day.html)" opportunities last as long as we have inventory so if you see this and want this please give a call or check our site.

Have a great day