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Wednesday 26th November 2014, 14:59
We have a 4 day stop-over in HK in May on the back of a mainland China trip. We hope to visit Mai Po (permits via WWF Hong Kong?) and probably Kowloon Park. Is there anywhere else recommended at this time of year?
Also, any suggestions of a reasonable area to stay in as we are booking the hotel independently.

Wednesday 26th November 2014, 23:26
Suggest Long Valley for a good range of farmland/freshwater species and a couple of days at Mai Po - waders are good at this time. See HKBWS website for details


Thursday 27th November 2014, 08:14
Apply your Mai Po overseas visitor permit from WWF HK at this link (scroll down)


If you stay in Tsim Sha Tsui (Kowloon) don't forget West Rail to Kam Sheung Road is only 20 minutes, taxi from there to Mai Po. Another 15-20 minutes.

Keep an eye on the tides, be out at the Mai Po boardwalk hides when the predicted tide is 1.8 metres or higher, 2.2m will cover the mud completely.


Friday 28th November 2014, 21:46
Thanks to you both

Sunday 30th November 2014, 01:17
We can't stress enough how important getting the right tides is to seeing the birds.
For May it looks like 2nd - 9th and 16-23rd days are good for a high enough tide to bring the birds close to the far hides (over border fence in Deep Bay) and then into the inside roosting ponds where you can get good looks for several hours at over 30 shorebirds species.
Check in at the Reception to pick up permit around 8.30am and then hotfoot it to the hides to catch the best action.
Other bird watching leave until the way out.
You'll be impressed.

Jon Turner
Sunday 30th November 2014, 14:11
You sure will!!!!

Sunday 7th December 2014, 20:27
Thanks all for the help

Monday 4th May 2015, 11:49
I am also due a short visit to HK in May. I am going on the HKBWS outing to Mai Po on 10 May. I however have Monday 11 May free and I want to visit another location. I have not been successful in finding a guide/ companion for the day.
Does anyone know of someone willing to accompany me, ie Tai Po Kau/Long Valley on 11 May?