View Full Version : Very Brief Stay in Hong Kong, Beginning of March

Sasquatch Fingers
Thursday 22nd January 2015, 16:31
Will be spending a very brief 4-day weekend to Hong Kong at the beginning of March. My wife isn't an avid birder, so we aren't going to spend more than a few hours to maybe a full day (over the weekend) birding. Where should I go and what should I be looking for?

Perry Grin
Thursday 22nd January 2015, 18:19
I'm sure someone will be online to give better advice shortly, but when visiting family there I only manage to steal a few early morning hours away so have stuck to small local areas; Hong Kong Park, Kowlon Park and the Peak. If you are new to the region there will be plenty to keep you happy. I'm visiting at the end of March and will try to spend some time on Lamma Island, partly for the birds, but also because I haven't been there yet.

I found this book useful for locations and bird lists..


And this web site shows public transport links to some sites....


Good luck!


Allen S. Moore
Thursday 22nd January 2015, 18:34
Tai O at the western end of Lantau island is a great place to see birds, accessible by train to Tung Chung, then a short walk to that town's bus station and a bus to Tai O every half hour or so. The best place in Hong Kong is Mai Po, which is up near the Chinese border. You need a permit to visit there, but can see some of the same bird species (albeit in smaller numbers) at the Hong Kong Wetland Park, fairly close by.

There are some great threads about Hong Kong on BF.

By the way, Tai O has a lot of "human interest", too.