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chris murphy
Sunday 2nd August 2015, 20:17
Hi all
I will be visiting the Altoona and Gettysburg areas from 17th to 29th August for a holiday from the UK. This will be my third visit and I'm desperate to catch up on some species which I have missed both times so far. I am hoping that it will not be too late in the season for any of these, although it may be cutting things close. Basically I would massively appreciate any assistance or help with the species below:

Golden-Winged Warbler: I have tried for these at Canoe Creek near Altoona and Scotia Barrens (twice) and drawn a blank. Does anyone have any 'nailed on' sites for this species? If Scotia Barrens is the best bet then is there anywhere in particular that is good? I walked the whole road through and didn't see them.

Blue-Winged Warbler: same as above really, any good reliable sites?

Yellow-Throated Vireo and Cerulean Warbler: I checked the Lower trail for these two and saw neither, is this the best location and if so is there anywhere in particular as I'm aware that the Lower trail is fairly large.

Bobolink: I understand that they breed in Gettysburg but I have not seen them there despite searching. Is there a certain area that they frequent?

Any help or tips is appreciated, or if anyone has contact details of anyone who may be able to help me and would be kind enough to let me contact them, then please PM me.


Sunday 2nd August 2015, 22:25
I can't help much except to say that most birds will be close to being or already off territory ie migrating. If you get no firm reply's than ebird.org would be a great source of up to date information/sightings. Dave...

Wednesday 5th August 2015, 04:19

this e-bird link should help you