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Richard Ford
Thursday 27th February 2003, 18:34
Hi all

The Winchester Waxwings showed well today, but the light was iffy and the birds were always against the sky.

Here are the best two pics I managed.

They really are beautiful birds.


Richard Ford
Thursday 27th February 2003, 18:35
And the other one..

Thursday 27th February 2003, 18:40
Not bad at all Richard, shame the weather was not better for you.

Thursday 27th February 2003, 19:11
Thanks, Richard - these are the ones our coach party saw on Sunday.


Andy Bright
Thursday 27th February 2003, 19:41
Very nice shots, Rich. I espescially admire the first one... every bird looks crisp despite difficult conditions, you don't often see group shots of birds taken with digiscoping.
Congratulations on seeing them, let alone getting the shots.

Thursday 27th February 2003, 19:57
I'm hoping to see them on Saturday Rich. Excellent group shot, the dull sky only goes to highlight what beautiful birds they are.

Have you noticed how people have even started bitching at each other about them on Hoslist? Same with the Black Kite, I just wish people would appreciate the amazing birds we get in hampshire rather than having a go.

Thursday 27th February 2003, 21:13

Amazing, esp. the first one. Reckon it would be better on my desktop than the Osprey I currently have. Seems that your new 'scope was worth it.


KC Foggin
Thursday 27th February 2003, 22:42
You still managed to capture their brilliance. Beautiful!

peter hayes
Thursday 27th February 2003, 22:49
Don't they look bad tempered? Lovely colours, lovely shot,.

Richard Ford
Friday 28th February 2003, 08:39
What can I say?

Thank you all for the kind comments.
I would highly recommend going to see the real thing if you can.

Andy I was surprised all the birds came out this sharp too.

Fantastic birds. :t:


Friday 28th February 2003, 19:18
Simply staggering spectacle, I bet it's better in the "real"?

Friday 28th February 2003, 19:28
I saw my first ever Waxwings in December last year, (It happened to be my birthday as well!). The are such lovely birds, I would say its a regal/snooty look, not bad tempered, Peter

A pair of stunning pictures.