View Full Version : Pittas (and others) in August?

Monday 2nd November 2015, 21:50
Hi All,

I think I know the answer already, but is there *any* chance of seeing Fairy Pitta in Taiwan in late Jukly / early August? I have a conference there 1st Aug 2016 and plan on some independent birding either just before or just after. FP would be top target. However I strongly suspect they are almost impossible outside the prime breeding time of May.

Are the endemics all gettable at that time of year?

Any suggestions gratefully received.

Cheers, Ian

Wednesday 4th November 2015, 05:54
That conference falls at a very inconvenient time for any chance of finding Fairy Pitta in Taiwan. Looking at species records in ebird there have been a few records in late July but nothing after the 1st week in August. Some birders in Taiwan claim that some of the Fairy Pittas do remain in Taiwan after breeding but I'm not aware of any reliable location.
Obviously the endemics are around but during the hot summer they are not calling as often so therefore more difficult to locate and you will probably need a guide with local knowledge to make good use of your time. As you are probably aware most of the endemics are found in the mountains and you will need transportation--another reason to hire a guide. Most birders who come to Taiwan try to arrange 6 to 7 days with a guide and usually find most of the endemics and a country total around 150 birds during that time.
Despite the difficulties I'm sure you can enjoy a few days of good birding in Taiwan probably best before your conference begins.


Wednesday 4th November 2015, 22:57
Thanks David -- very useful. Looks like I should def try to bird before my meeting, rather than after it, and even then it will be less than ideal. But not unexpected.

Cheers, Ian