View Full Version : White-tailed Eagle Blagdon & Blackdown

Friday 28th October 2016, 18:45
Here's a summary of this bird's wanderings today, in case it helps anyone planning to look for it tomorrow.

Nigel Milbourne and Andy Davis found it at Blagdon Lake at around 11.30 and it spend two hours or so there, or close to there (heading east towards Chew Valley Lake before heading back, then heading south to sit in a tree at Swancombe Wood then dropping onto the deck). At about 1.20 it got up and headed southwest, mobbed by a large flock of corvids. I was on Butcombe Hill at this point, trying to find a good vantage point and picked it up south of Blagdon village heading towards and then west along the north slopes of Blackdown towards Rowberrow Warren, although it seemed to come down somewhere on the top. Burrington Ham gives you a great view of the whole of the north side of Blackdown, but it wasn't visible from there. It was found again at 1530 (sorry, not sure by whom) in a tree viewed from the lane east of Tynings Farm. It then headed southeast very low and appeared to drop either into rough scrubby habitat on the north side of the lane, or possibly over the lane and on towards Charterhouse. Unless anyone knows otherwise it wasn't seen after leaving Blackdown but is not thought to have gone far.

Locations shown on the attached map.