View Full Version : Buying Spotting Scopes in Taiwan

Thursday 3rd November 2016, 02:46
Hi All,

I'm looking at buying a low-end spotting scope for shorebird watching. Do you have any recommendations for places to buy scopes in Taipei? I'm going to check out a store near Xingtian station, and found a small place at Xinhai and Fuxing S Road, and have wandered around the camera district, which didn't have much. I'd like to be able to actually look through the scope before buying it.

And any advice on models would be appreciated. I'm thinking of the Celestron Ultima 80 at the moment. I've seen good reviews on Alpen and Opticron low end models, but haven't seen anywhere that sells it in Taiwan. I don't have a car (so portability is a priority), I wear glasses, and digiscoping capability would be nice, but not an extremely high priority. ED coatings are probably not in my budget.