View Full Version : New Forest birding sports (near Brockenhurst)

Wednesday 30th November 2016, 11:43
Me and my girlfriend have booked a long weekend in the New Forest (near Brockenhurst) in the New Year.

Although this wont be a birding trip we are both keen walkers and I've been given permission to take my bins and notebook in case we come across anything interesting on our walks. How can i increase the odds that we come across anything interesting on our walks?

My two big targets would be Dartford Warbler and Hawfinch. Are there any site that are especially good for these species in that area?


Wednesday 30th November 2016, 21:24
Blackwater Arboretum, not far from Brockenhurst, is a roost site for Hawfinches. Dartford Warbler can be found on heathland with isolated gorse bushes. A few Great Grey Shrikes usually over-winter, so check local sightings on Going Birding Hampshire prior to your visit.

Good luck.

Dave W