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Thursday 8th June 2017, 10:23
Dasyueshan National Forest reserve is closed at main gate (35k). We arrived in Taiwan a couple of days ago. We were told that a month of rain had fallen in last week or so.

We new that road was closed above Anmashan Cabins where we were originally going to stay. However the road is impassable at 38k mark and they are letting no one past the main gate.

Fortunately we are with Richard Foster and he thinks he can get us high elevation birds at Alishan and Wushe where roads opened today.
It looks like road to Dasyueshan will be closed at least a month and it could be longer if more roads is damaged.

Will post a trip report later

Monday 17th July 2017, 08:51
All endemics and most target birds found elsewhere.

Detail is on trip report but in summary

Mikado Pheasant pretty easy in Alishan/Yushan (103-104 K marker)
Grey headed Bullfinch and Golden Parrotbill before Trailhead for Yushan
Rosefinch, Flamecrest, both Robins Mount Hehuan
All Bush Warblers seen