View Full Version : Unusual UK Air Source.

Sunday 17th July 2005, 20:34
Just looking at some forecasts for this week........quite an odd event around Thurs. is that we receive a blast of warm air from NW Russia along with fairly strong winds and drizzle along the warm front as it crosses the North sea.
Interesting to see if this turns anything up being such an unusual event. Certainly waders are on the move over there so wouldn't be surprised to see another Terek Sand perhaps, eyes peeled on the East Coasts!




Monday 18th July 2005, 12:40
Will be looking!


Runcorn Birder
Monday 18th July 2005, 13:54
Imagine what we could have expected if this had been late September - mid October ?

Monday 18th July 2005, 14:42
Lets not try and think about that Runcorn!!! Being an east coast suffolk man. The little blasts of air from Russia mean no sleep for me! Head goes round and round.