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Thursday 11th August 2005, 13:38
A question for those of you who live near the south coast of England - where is the best place to look for passerine migrants at this time of year? I'm thinking anywhere east of Portland Bill - Portland is a bit too far for a day trip from London. I have often been to Dungeness, but never seem to see much there. V grateful for any advice

Thursday 11th August 2005, 14:14
Beachy Head. I've never been there since birdwatching, but apparently it is one of the places to go.

Thursday 11th August 2005, 16:13
Hi John, your right about Portland, there's always something good turning up down there but it is too far for a day out! You could try, Oare(Faversham), Pegwell Bay, Reculver, Rye Harbour, Folkestone/Dover amongst others. Beachy Head, in my experience is good but not particularly better than the others(I'm sure some will disagree!). Have seen awesome numbers of Hirundines heading off to their wintering grounds there, plus Peregrines, Hobbies. I went to Dungeness on Tuesday and it was pretty devoid of birds other than a Marsh Harrier - which I've never seen there before - in 20 years of visiting! Having said that, it's reputation for rarities is well deserved. It is a bit quiet down here at the moment though I did see a Honey Buzzard over Folkestone last week!
Can I suggest you check the local websites and see whats happening.
Here's one to start with. Good luck


Thursday 11th August 2005, 16:53
Thanks for the responses. I'm figuring it's still a little bit early in the season, but still worth the effort. I might try Beachy Head for the simple reason that I have only been there once before, whereas I've probably been to Dunge 20 or 30 times (including a Marsh Harrier once!).

fat kat
Friday 12th August 2005, 11:53
I've never seen much at Beachy Head but its a great place for a cliff walk

I live in London and a day trip for me would include Dungeness for sure. If only for the fact there are so many people looking and reporting sightings.

I guess that if you choose a place and just look hard you won't be disappointed

Friday 12th August 2005, 14:40
Mmmm....has anyone ever seen much at Beachy Head? May be there's a reason why I've not been there much before....

Friday 12th August 2005, 14:56
Mmmm....has anyone ever seen much at Beachy Head? May be there's a reason why I've not been there much before....

Saw my first Pallas's Warbler there!

Unless the conditions are good (SE wind, depression in the right place etc.) I wouldn't bother as it can be dead. Having said that you could do a few sites. Cuckmere Haven is nearby and was one of my favourite sites when I lived down that way.

Monday 15th August 2005, 20:28
Hi John, just had a look at the Sussex website and Beachy Head seem to have a bit of action as far as LBJ's go - if thats what your after.

Tuesday 16th August 2005, 15:50
I'd go that bit further down the M20 and spend a day at St Margaret's Bay / Bockhill Farm - always good for passerines, and the feeling that looking overhead could yield a nice raptor or hirundine... A bit less depressing than Dunge! (Not that I'll hear a word against the Dungeness 'sea of tranquillity' moonscape!)


Richard D
Tuesday 16th August 2005, 16:18
South Swale Nature Reserve (as is reputedly the North one on the corner of Sheppey) isn't a bad spot and is seriously under watched compared to Oare just along the coast.