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Chris Monk
Sunday 30th March 2003, 22:28
30 March 2003

Two male Ospreys arrived back at Rutland Water today - they were 08(97),
the bird that occupied Manton Bay last year, and 09(98). More details will
be published here tomorrow.


Monday 31st March 2003, 07:21
There was a report of an unringed bird there as well. It appeared in Manton Bay and was also seen over at Eyebrook.

Jeff Taylor
Monday 31st March 2003, 12:41
Where any off these ospreys Satalite Tagged
Jeff Taylor

Monday 31st March 2003, 20:02
Several of the Osprey's that nested at Rutland Water last year were satellite tagged. The transmitters worked well at first and two were followed down through Iberia, across the Sahara, ending up in the Gambia, though by slightly different routes towards the end (strond winds forcing one of them well inland). Unfortunately the transmitters then packed up and so it's no longer possible to track them. Maybe they will try again this year. Contact the Rutland Water website; they have a special Osprey section.

Alan Hill

Chris Monk
Monday 31st March 2003, 20:26
31 March 2003
Rutland News...

Two male Ospreys arrived back at Rutland Water yesterday and another
was seen today.

These birds included 08(97), who occupied the Manton Bay nest all
last summer. He arrived, carrying a large fish, at the reconstructed nest in
Manton Bay at 1.40pm and remained there for the rest of the day. The
beautiful weather had brought many visitors to the nature reserve and there
were good close views to be had from Wader Scrape and Shallow Water hides on
the Lyndon reserve and more distant ones from Heron Hide on the Egleton
reserve. From tomorrow the Lyndon reserve and visitor centre will be open
every day throughout the summer.

During yesterday,and again today, there were sightings of two other
Ospreys around the reservoir.

The video camera also conveyed good pictures to both visitor
centres throughout the day and these are now also being transmitted every 15
minutes to the web-cam page. We are pleased that the quality of these
pictures is better than those of last year, though once again on bright
sunny days, the images are much better in the afternoon.

Meanwhile, 08(97) spent this afternoon on another nest. Known as
AN1, this is high in the trees of Lax Hill and visible from all around the
reservoir. This is the nest , close to the holding pens, that the
translocated Ospreys often flew to during their earliest flights.

Chris Monk
Friday 11th April 2003, 20:42
Stop-press: Friday 11 April.
A female arrived yesterday alongside 08(97). There have been excellent
views of the pair together, both on the Manton Bay nest and on AN -
visible from both Visitor Centres.


Chris Monk
Thursday 12th June 2003, 09:08
Thursday 12 June 2003

Osprey chicks hatch
We are delighted to be able to announce today that a pair of Ospreys have been quietly incubating eggs at Rutland Water. After 40 days, during which time the nest was kept under constant surveillance, the adults' behaviour changed yesterday - indicating that hatching has occurred.
The full details will be published here: http://www.ospreys.org.uk/AWOP/Update.htm later today.

Ashley beolens
Thursday 12th June 2003, 09:14
Does anyone know if the birds are still likely to be around during the birdfair?

Chris Monk
Thursday 12th June 2003, 09:35
In the years when Ospreys were being released at Rutland Water they've stayed around until after the Birdfair, the last birds leaving in early September if I remember correctly.

More recently, returning Ospreys have kept to the same departure times as above.