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Thursday 5th September 2002, 20:31
...ever heard of the Fort-de-l'Ecluse near Geneva???
It's the River Rhone gorge about 15 miles west of Geneva on french territory. The river winds between 2 mountains of 3000 and 5400 ft and we count up to 25.000 raptors annually, mostly black Kites, Common and Honey Buzzards, up to 1000 red Kites, Sparrowhawks and Marsh Harriers (best place in Europe for this species....). Maximum 2700 birds/day.
Thousands of pigeons, rook and passerines (chaffinches....) as well, sometimes rarities, Black&White Storks, it's a long list!
Anybody coming to the area between Geneva and Lyons between 20th July and 15 November should give it a try.
Best observation spot: along the railway line near the village of Chevrier on the southern side of the river, 300 m from the main road.